Positivity: The greatest weapon in carving opportunity during the toughest times!

In recent days, as we all have been trapped in the wrath of pandemic crisis COVID-19, we came face to face with one of our toughest times. It is a once in a lifetime experience that no one wishes to face ever. Everything has come to a sudden halt without any warning due to countrywide lockdown affecting the work culture.

Most of the industries have lost their complete productivity due to this unexpected crisis. Only a few like IT industries have managed to tackle their loss up to a great extent because of their remote working ability thanks to modern technologies like cloud computing, git version control, etc.

But, even after all the negativity of COVID-19, let us remain positive. This is because positivity can be your greatest weapon in carving opportunities during the toughest times. You can turn this crisis into an opportunity to stop, think, learn, and replenish your mind and body.

Some possible opportunities you can have in the current lockdown scenario

Giving time to self:

Due to the lockdown, most IT employees are working from their homes. So, the time gets lapsed during commuting to and from office is saved. We can utilize this time for giving our attention to those tasks we wanted to but never been able to perform. Like, many can start doing some exercise which they never have the opportunity to do before.

Spending quality family time:

What do you think about having an evening snack with your family while watching the sunset from the roof? We are long deprived of this, isn’t it? You can play with your kids at home or give a hand to your wife in her daily chores. It can be the second chance in renewing the long lost relationship for some.


Do you know that Sir Issac Newton has conceived his greatest ideas during the confinement at home due to the great plague of 1665? So, this time of lockdown can be one of your greatest periods of self-improvement. During the last week, i.e. since the lockdown started, we at Openweb have started working from home as a team. We surely will overcome this situation as one and grow ourselves to the new level.

But, the most important thing that I want to convey to everyone is to stay at home and keep yourself and society safe. The Government is doing a fine job. Let them do their share of work while you take your responsibility by staying at home. All of us will overcome this as one.



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