Remote Work Playbook by ThoughtWorks

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, ThoughtWorks has together a Remote Work Playbook to help the industry and our clients to navigate the transition to remote work. In the current health climate, the need to work remotely – while continuing to successfully deliver – is more pressing than ever before.

At ThoughtWorks, the last two decades have allowed us to gain experience in remote working at a rather more leisurely pace. We’ve set up many cross-continental development teams, and we run most of our business with global teams. Many of us are used to working more from our home than any single ThoughtWorks office. 

We’ve put together this document to try to pass on what we’ve learned, in the hope, it will be useful for those hurtling down that path now. 

However, it is important to stress some points before we begin. Bear in mind that, when any experienced remote worker gives advice, that they (and we) were able to adopt remote working in more relaxed times. That’s a very different context to the rapid measures needed now, and nobody knows how that different context affects the advice we’ve given.

We should also recognize that there are other factors that make the current circumstances different to those we’re used to. School closings mean that children will be home and have to be looked after. People with vulnerable family members will need time and energy to look after them.

And those without such responsibilities will still be affected by uncertainty and the worry that COVID-19 carries with it. As such we should expect less effectiveness and productivity than would normally be the case with remote working. Despite these caveats, we still think many of these recommendations will be useful and we hope you find this document valuable. 

One last thought. An event like this is not just a crisis to manage, it is also an opportunity to rethink established ways of living and working. While the short term is about coping with the immediate effects, in time companies can explore new ways of serving their customers and organizing their work. 

Standing up your workforce remotely, especially when unplanned, can feel like an overwhelming task. From tech logistics to morale, to day-to-day activities, we have created this helpful reference guide, to help you navigate your transition to remote-working.

By addressing the core elements required to get started, we’ll show you how to make remote work effective, enjoyable and sustainable for your organization. 

What to expect from the ThoughtWorks playbook on “Remote Work”?

  • Go-Remote Timeline
  • Remote Infrastructure
  • Virtual Communications
  • Managing Stakeholder Expectations
  • Ways of Working 
  • Supporting Your People
  • Social Practices



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