#TechFightsCOVID19: AI-Powered Chest X-Ray Analysis To Check Progression of Lung Disease

COVID19 is one of the most virulent diseases right now. What starts off with a dry cough can escalate to severe respiratory distress in a matter of couple of weeks. As several nations grapple with rising numbers of cases and death rates, one of the biggest shortfalls being seen is in availability of ventilators (Read here on Smart Ventilator Solutions Made By Indian Startups).

Hospitals are grappling with an increasing number of patients now, and its widely being estimated that India may be in the stage of Community-Driven Transmission. This time is crucial for quick identification & extent of lung disease caused by COVID19 and immediately start the appropriate course of treatment.

Qure.AI, a healthtech startup that specializes in developing deep learning algorithms to interpret radiology images, has now rolled out special tools to help hospitals and medical staff in the fight against COVID19.

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Founders: Prashant Warrier, Dr. Pooja Rao

Location: Mumbai & San Francisco



qXR is CE certified and can interpret chest X-Rays in less than a minute. It can:

  • Detect findings such as ground glass opacities and consolidation indicative of COVID19
  • Localise lesions and indicate if these lesions are bilateral and in which zones
  • “Detect the presence of cavities, nodules, pleural effusions, fibrosis and lymphadenopathy to aid the healthcare expert in alternative diagnosis ruling out COVID19
  • Quantification of lesions can assist in monitoring progression of COVID19 patients

This capability is being used in the USA, India and Italy to:

  • Determine which patients need to be home-quarantined, tested further or admitted to the hospital
  • Monitor the progression of the lung disease in patients

The other solution is the qScout – an AI-powered Pandemic Response App, built using’s existing expertise with a similar app used for global TB screening. This app is designed to ensure social distance compliance, remote contact tracing via calls and messages, and remote daily monitoring & daily triage of contacts converting to presumptive for hospital referral. It comprises of the qScout EHR, qScout Monitor and qScout Dash. For symptomatic, the EHR system allows for registration of personal details, while asymptomatic individuals can self-declare on a separate portal. The qScout Monitor has an AI-based chatbot that does a remote checkin twice a day, with remote monitoring, virtual triage and checks if the patient is complying with self isolation norms appropriately. qScout Dash is a centralized dashboard with an aggregated record of all patients, with AI and data mining capabilities.

Prashant Warier, CEO and Co-founder of, said, “For the last 3 weeks, we have been working on developing technology to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Our experience with tackling TB in more than 10 countries has helped. We are launching two offerings for combating COVID-19. At, we are committed to doing everything we can to fight this pandemic. We are here to help the brave and selfless healthcare workers at the frontline who are working round the clock to end this pandemic.”

Artelus X-Net To Read Chest X-Rays For Pneumonia

Company: Artelus Learning Systems

Founders: Pradeep Walia, Rajarajeshwari

Location: Bengaluru


The Artelus AI model can be used to reduce the burden on the healthcare workforce for reading chest X-Ray for pneumonia and Wuhan Covid-19. All Digital X- ray with a minimum of 512×512 resolution can be uploaded on this platform. This product is available offline on a stick that can be connected to any X-ray machine and computer for AI readings as well. If there is no digital image, one can take a picture of the X-ray film placing it on X-ray film reader and upload it. Additionally, one may even use any smartphone camera with 8 Megapixel or greater resolution to capture a picture of the X-Ray film.

 If you are developing a tech-based solution to combat #COVID19 or are seeking such solutions for deployment, contact Sanjeev Malhotra ( or Shantanu Gaur (

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