#TechFightsCOVID19: Cough detection based triaging tool for COVID19 suspected cases

One of the most critical aspects to identifying the confirmed positive COVID19 cases, considering the paucity of COVID19 test kits is to be able to successfully screen the suspected cases for the PCR testing.

The kAs app developed by Salcit Technologies, was originally developed as a screening aid for general respiratory issues in remote and rural areas. However, with the COVID19 outbreak, the possibilities of harnessing its capabilities as a prescreening and monitoring device for the pandemic was envisaged. If a particular zone has a large group of suspected cases, then the concerned authorities can tell the citizens to download the app and analyse the cough sounds via the App. It can then give them data on high-risk, medium-risk and low-risk candidates. These cough samples can also be sent to the doctors to evaluate the patients.

Company: Salcit Technologies

Location: Hyderabad 

Team: Narayan Rao Sripada, Venkat Yechuri & Manmohan Jain


Swaasa, a patented AI product of  Salcit Technologies, offers a triaging tool for Radiologists. It is based on audiometric evaluation of cough, wheeze & crackle sounds to facilitate screening of obstructive & restrictive lung disorders along with its severity. Their focus areas include COPD, Asthma, Pneumonia & Interstitial lung disease.

It is a completely non-invasive method, where their respiratory wellness device is used to collect cough recordings along with other important symptoms, from which the cough characteristics are derived. Their proprietary algorithm maps the cough sound characteristics to the presence of respiratory inflammation, obstruction in airway or restriction in lung expansion as well as severity of the inflammation and anatomy analysis i.e. small airways or large airways. Finally, the detailed report is sent to the expert. It also allows for differential diagnosis and continuous monitoring and temporal analysis of the lung condition as well as early detection of cases like ILD pattern. 

They also have a mobile app called KAs (cough in Sanskrit), which enables people to monitor their health and lung condition from their home. The app is developed on the guidelines laid out by the WHO, and asks 15 questions to the subject. The subject is then asked to cough into the microphone of the smartphone. Based on the answers to the questionnaire and the coughing sound, the app generates a risk rating on a scale of 1 to 10 to indicate respiratory conditions that suggest the exposure to COVID19. They plan to do the integration of the audiometry based tool with Alexa.

They have Indian Patent granted for “A system for analyzing risk associated with Cough sounds” & PCT patent. They have completed clinical validation for “Respiratory sound analysis & correlation with clinical tests” by Apollo Research & Innovation, Hyderabad. They have won BIG Innovation grant from BIRAC. They have completed the testing of the product at 3 CSCs (Common Service Centres) through VLE (Village Level Entrepreneurs).


Docturnal is another product that screens the sound of a person’s cough from home. However, in a clinical setting, an external microphone array is provided. They’ve leveraged the existing data for Pneumonia & its variants to build a binary classifier for screening COVID19. 

Company: Docturnal

Location: Hyderabad

Team: Arpita Singh, Rahul Pathri, Vaishnavi Reddy, Shekhar Jha and Dr. Suryakanth Shetty



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