Happily Married or in a Love Hate Relationship?

So how do you relate to technology? Are you happily married to technology or are you in a love hate relationship? Do you feel the need for more space in the relationship and want to go off grid once in a while?

You don’t need to answer me, you just need to answer yourself.


New Challenges, New Questions

We were still learning human to human collaboration, while we entered into an era where we need to learn human machine collaboration. Do we view Artificial Intelligence as challenge to human intelligence or will we use AI to augment human intelligence?

Whether we like it or not, each of us is married to technology today. Are we happily married or do we have a love hate relationship? The answer lies in another question perhaps “Are we ready to reskill ourselves continuously or do we prefer to curse AI from our comfort zones?

Each of us needs to make a choice every day.

Each of us needs to answer this question every day.

Each of us needs to find our own unique answers.

New Question- How much tech is enough? 

Well you might be thinking to yourself, “I need my space especially in a relationship and I need space in my relationship with technology too”. Of course we all do.

It would be better to rephrase the question, “how much of tech is enough for me?’. We should have the freedom to decide how much technology we want in our lives. Yet we certainly need to create space for human to human time and at times look for ways to add the human touch to our increasingly digital world?

Find answers or enjoy the questions

When I asked my social network connections and friends, “Are you Happily married to technology or in a love hate relationship?” I received an interesting range of replies.

Ved Singh, an HRTech professional answered my question with a humourous tone, “Happily married to Technology…. delighted to pamper its tantrums”.

If you are not keen to find the answers, you may follow Paulo Coelho’s advice, “Life is too short to be wasted in finding answers. Enjoy the questions.”

Changing the Questions- A Pragmatic Approach

Many people have begun to fear, “Will I lose my job because of AI?”. Well why don’t we look at it the other way round, “Can I get a better job after learning AI?” or at least, “How do I reskill myself for the new roles in the AI driven world?” Your life, your questions.

AI is a reality and by refusing to accept the reality we can only live in a fool’s paradise or our own world of illusions. A friend had told me long back, “What cannot be cured must be endured”. If it has to be endured why not endure it cheerfully. Why not exercise pragmatism and pamper technology’s tantrums?

Well, the ball is in your court.

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