You Can Lockdown yourself but not your thoughts

Today I woke up with one important news stating that #Mumbai has been under half lock down . If this situation continues, there will be a time in next few days that the whole country will be under a full #lockdown and all the organizations has to mandatory adopt #WorkFromHome Strategy.

But then there are many sectors where the work from home is not possible such as #Manufacturing Sector or #SME and #MSME. So employees of these companies will be mostly given a paid or non-paid leave for about a month.

So why not just take this as an opportunity rather then sitting hopeless at home and be unproductive. So what you all can do is :

  1. This is a great opportunity to learn new skills based on the job specifications. There are more than 10k courses on around 100+ platforms where we can enhance our skills. The simplest thing which we can do is that we can work upon on our Soft Skills which is required almost everywhere. Also as the technology is upgrading so this is a nice time to learn new programming languages which will be the back bone of almost every type of organization due to coming of this IT 4.0.
  2. The other thing which can be done is to Plan your #Career. During job we do not have time to think about all of these because we are tired and the same monotonous routine is followed throughout. But this period give the opportunity to think about yourself and what you want to do in future.
  3. The other thing is that you can follow you passion which is very difficult with the job. If you good at playing guitar , do that. Record videos, upload on social media and you never know you may become a an overnight sensation. If you were good at some subject during you graduation or post graduation days, start taking online classes.

So with all this I mean that consider each and every situation as an opportunity to learn more and as my title suggests “Do not lockdown your thoughts”.

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