5 Reasons Why Pharma Companies Are Switching to SAP Business One Cloud

Pharmaceutical companies are one of those companies which stand closest to reap the benefits of digital transformation like cloud computing. Considering the amount of research and resources Pharma companies employ in bringing the drugs to the market, they certainly need a reliable and robust technological solution such as SAP Business One Cloud on which they can depend on.

Despite tight budgets and time frames, the Pharma industry is poised to encounter great possibilities in the coming future. So, it will not be a matter of surprise if Pharma companies are evaluating their business models and shifting towards the SAP Cloud ERP solutions to adjust to the dynamic demands.

Here are the top five reasons that justify the adoption of SAP Cloud ERP in the Pharma industry.

1.Huge data handling capacity

Pharma companies generate vast amounts of data which is extremely sensitive in nature. This includes intellectual property, patient history and a variety of information. Hence, securing such vital information becomes really essential. Cloud is extremely secure and it can accommodate huge data and handle it with all safety protocols.

2.Real-time Visibility

Tracking inventory movement from one warehouse to another in real time is the biggest challenge for Pharma manufacturers as drugs and vaccines are of highly perishable nature and subsequent arrangements have to be made in order for the safe transition.

3.No server maintenance at all

Traditionally, it was quite common for businesses to keep one or more servers. Not anymore! Working in the cloud would mean there’s no need for in-house servers. You just need an active connection of the internet and your cloud servers and workstation environment; save tons on hardware purchases, upgrades, and maintenance. So, if you have been contemplating embarking on a cloud journey, then ERP company can help you realize quick benefits from this transition.

4.Cost Reduction

A large number of business users have realized that using the best erp software in India ERP helps in reducing cost substantially. Few studies indicate that cloud-based software costs considerably less than a traditional software application. Also, a typical cloud based software would take a few months to get ready, whereas in house applications and software may take a considerably long time.


Unpredictability is inherent in business. This makes managing infrastructure absolutely complicated. The cloud alleviates gives you the freedom to scale up and down as the business needs changes. It also eliminates the need to acquire other software licenses and invest in additional infrastructure to deal with unpredictable spikes in demand.

This would mean cloud provides flexibility and scalability as there’s no longer a need of organizations to get locked in on-premise solutions. If their needs change, swapping services in the cloud is just as easy as the push of a button.

To Wrap Up

The cloud is secure and available anywhere and is perfect for teams who are generally on the move. Healthcare providers are realizing the benefits of switching to Cloud based ERP for an end number of reasons. Benefits like pay-as-you-go-model, security, performance, high availability and cost effectiveness make it more appealing for all Pharma companies.



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