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Product Name: – Agri Inputs Digital Platform for farmers 

Name of Organization:  BigHaat Agro Pvt Ltd 

At the helm: Sateesh Nukala, CEO 

Year of Incorporation: 2015 

Core technology used: eCommerce platform, Mobile platform




  1. Tell us about your product/solution in brief.

BigHaat is India’s largest Agri Inputs Marketplace Platform providing wide choice of quality inputs to farmers at their doorstep. BigHaat is bringing accessibility of quality agricultural products and personalized advisory by leveraging its Technology offering for farmer empowerment. Timely supply of advisory and quality inputs is a key enabler to reduce overall cost of cultivation and improving yields. BigHaat digital platform is bringing in the transparency and efficiencies into the supply chain.


  1. Mention the geographic area where your solution is implemented and give us details of the intervention.

BigHaat is a pan India platform serving to the farmers across all geographies including Jammu Kashmir, Andaman Nicobar etc. BigHaat has adapted multichannel strategy to reach out growers across India and addressing their Agricultural Input needs. Our portfolio offering includes broad range of Seeds, Plant Protection, Plant Nutrition and Agri Implements. Our clientele includes farmers, nurseries, FPOs, NGOs and other institutional growers. 

BigHaat has reached over to 5 lakh farmers across India ranging from small and marginal farmers to large scale farmers. It is also working with FPOs and Agri NGOs to supply quality inputs at the farmers doorstep


  1. What was the objective of the project and how much of it was achieved?

Agri Inputs supply chain in India is a fragmented and disorganized market inducing huge insufficiencies into the overall supply chain. Farmers are not able to acess to quality inputs, information and technology, thus limiting their choices. At the same time, suppliers have very limited traceability to their customers as the supply chain is not an organized market. Due to these inefficiencies, manufacturerers are being inefficient in their operations, distribution and marketing efforts. Data led insights and direct traceability provided by BigHaat digital platform would enable them to take accurate decisions and pass on the benefits from these efficiencies to farmers with reduction in input prices


  1. Give details of the cost of your solution and scope of scalability

BigHaat has developed eCommerce and Mobile platforms for farmers to access it’s digital platform. Since it’s launch in 2015, BigHaat has reached over to 5 lakh farmers across India with it’s information, technology and marketplace offering. Given disruption in smart phone market and internet penetration, more and more farmers are able to access to mobile led innovations and this is a big enabler for BigHaat to scale up in a big way


  1. Are you looking for partners? Mention details of partnership. 

BigHaat plans to engage and work with rural marketing, logistics, banking firms to reach out to farmers at a scale and providing an opportunity to the partners to expand and scale their offerings with BigHaat marketplace


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