Agritech Case Study Series: FarmERP


Product Name:  FarmERP

Name of Organization: Shivrai Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

At the helm: Santosh Shinde, Sanjay Borkar

Year of Incorporation:  July 2006


Core technology used:  Microsoft , Android



1. Tell us about your product/solution in brief.

FarmERP is most preferred Smart Agriculture ERP platform being used globally for farm, farmer, procurement, processing, supply chain, financial management and data driven analytics. This highly scalable, configurable and future ready software platform helps stakeholders to practice Digital Agriculture 4.0 to achieve profitable and sustainable agribusiness.

FarmERP provides a best in its class smart IT solutions for entire agriculture and agribusiness value chain. More than a decade, it is a brand which has gained considerable repute to attract and retain customers globally.

Company Milestones

2006 Private Limited Company |  Manthan Award for best E-content  and creativity (Agriculture)  | Headcount – 10+

2009 Offline FarmERP software sale -120 farmers | Manthan Award

2011 FarmERP goes overseas – Oman | New vision of Single FarmERP  web platform | Headcount – 20+

2017 Maxell award for Corporate Excellence in Innovation

2018 Future ready smart Agriculture ERP platform | 20 Modules | 500+ screens | Serves 13 sub verticals |12 countries| 300+ deployments | 3,80,000 Acres | Headcount – 40 +


2. Mention the geographic area where your solution is implemented and give us details of the intervention.

FarmERP is implemented in countries like India, Turkey, Thailand, Oman, Azerbaijan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Iran, Zambia, Nigeria, Congo for Farming, Plantations, Contract farming, Plant tissue culture companies.

Few of our successful implementations


  • Turkey’s largest fruit company
  • Apple, Peach, Nectarine, Olive Plantation
  • 7 Farms, 6250 Acres, 3.5 Million trees
  • Integration with Netsis ERP, METOS weather station and Iris recognition system
  • Implementation year 2013



  • Azerbaijan’s largest Agri-business company
  • Soybeans, barley, wheat, green peas, maize, sunflower, tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines, peppers
  • Area under cultivation – 10,000 Ha.
  • 400,000 pomegranate trees under plantation
  • Integration with UNITY (legacy ERP system)
  • Implementation year 2015



  • Thailand’s biggest Agricultural and Agro Industrial Group
  • Rubber, Sugarcane, Paddy, Orange and other economic crops such as Oil Palm, Eucalyptus.
  • Area under cultivation – 40000 Acres
  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics
  • Implementation year 2014



  • Date Palm Plantation in the Country
  • 3×2 inch QR Tags fixed on each date palm tree
  • IP Cameras installed for Crop Scouting
  • Integration with Rainbird Irrigation System and Weather Station
  • Implementation started 2016


South Africa

  • Semi Government Tissue Culture Laboratory
  • 5 Million plant production capacity with advanced facilities
  • Crops – Sugarcane, Banana, Eucalyptus
  • Implementation started 2015



  • Funded by International Finance Corporation, World bank group
  • Farm forestry and Nursery operations
  • Crops – Eucalyptus, Subabhul
  • 16000 Ha Land belonging to 13300 farmers
  • Operations in 6 States
  • Implementation in 2014



  • Agroforestry plantation in central India
  • Sandalwood, Amla, Pomegranate
  • Integrated with Oracle Financials ( Legacy Systems )
  • Implementation started 2016



  • Leading fresh fruit exporter
  • Procurement and exports
  • Crops – Grapes
  • Integration with SAP initiated
  • Implementation done in 2016



  • Research project funded by National Agricultural Science Foundation ( ICAR )
  • Grapes DSS for productivity improvement under abiotic stresses
  • Partners – ICAR, NRC Grapes, IARI
  • Crops – Grapes
  • Implementation 2012-2016


 3. What was the objective of the project and how much of it was achieved?

The objective of the project is to provide a specialized, smart and comprehensive ERP platform for small to medium to large sized farms and agribusinesses to improve on productivity and profitability.

Presently, FarmERP software platform is helping many companies to optimize costs, manage operations, increase operational efficiency and achieve traceability of farm produce. Our growth strategy is to reach new geographies.

4. Give details of the cost of your solution and scope of scalability

FarmERP software platform consists of various functional modules. It is offered through two engagement models, 1. Ownership or Perpetual Licensing  2. Annual subscription Licensing. Cost of the solution varies based on engagement model, selection of modules, no of users, customization efforts, efforts towards integration with legacy systems and smart IoT devices and hosting choices.

It is highly scalable and it integrates all business functions over single digital platform. As your agribusiness grows in size with increase in land area, production, procurement, sales and no of users, FarmERP can easily support during the scaling up.

5. Are you looking for partners? Mention details of partnership.

 Yes certainly, we seek partnerships around the world.  With world rapidly moving towards digital and smart Agriculture, FarmERP offers great partnership opportunity to complimentary businesses through our various Partner Programs. Our Partner Program nurtures partner community with world class products, solutions, services and resources, so that they can maximize returns on their investments. We offer various partner programs, for various stakeholders perceiving different objectives.

FarmERP Sales Partner

As a Sales partner you may sell & deploy FarmERP products and solutions for your customers and render technical support services to them. This program gives you access to our business knowhow, tools, training and technical resources.

Business professionals and companies may as well earn commissions for referring and recommending FarmERP products and solutions to their customers.

FarmERP Strategic Alliance Partner

FarmERP has innovative smart offerings for individual farmers to help improve their productivity and profitability. Our vision is to bring in positive transformations in their lives. Many organizations around the globe work closely with farmers to achieve similar objectives. FarmERP is keen to form Strategic Alliance Partnership with these organizations to deploy our smart IT offerings.

These organizations include, Government agencies, NGO, Foundations, Grower co-operatives & associations, Farmer Producer Companies, Contract / Group farming companies, Farm inputs and equipment manufacturers, Agriculture consultants / Consulting companies, etc.

FarmERP R &D Partner

FarmERP offerings are an outcome of rigorous Research and Development efforts put in by highly skilled IT and Agriculture specialists.

We at FarmERP firmly believe that quality can only be enhanced through strong R&D. Hence we form a strong partnership around the globe with eminent Research & Development establishments working in field of Agriculture, Horticulture, Fisheries, Climate change, Information Technologies, Electronics, Internet of Things and Big Data.

We have experience of working on joint R & D projects which involved scientists, statisticians modellers and designers. These projects normally lead to generation of joint Intellectual Property (IP) and commercializing it.

FarmERP Technology partner

FarmERP is a smart ERP platform with high level of integration capabilities. These are the days where Users demand single comprehensive solution. Hence FarmERP is being offered to customers as a total technology solution, which includes integration with legacy software and ERP systems, smart hardware, IoT devices, weather, farm automation, Precision farming equipment.

Under this Partner program, we form alliance with companies which are interested to offer their software and hardware products and solutions to users over FarmERP smart platform. This leads to win-win partnerships which enable partners to generate more business and reach to more number of customers and satisfy them through integrated offering.

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