Agritech Case Study Series: MyCrop Platform



Product Name: MyCrop Platform 

Name of Organization: MyCrop Technologies Private Limited 

At the helm: Deepak Pareek, CEO and Co-Founder 

Year of Incorporation: 2016 


Core technology used: Angular JS, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, Android Native





 1. Tell us about your product/solution in brief.

MyCrop is a Technology enabled initiative for farmers that empower them through Farmer Mitra (a village level entrepreneur, VLE) delivering them Information, Expertise and Resources, to increase their Productivity & Profitability hence improving their Standard of Living.


MyCrop is a collaborative platform that strives to combine Cutting Edge Technology (Big Data, Machine Learning, Smart Phones/Tablets, etc.), Innovative Business Model (Agriculture Platform As A Service), and Focused Human Efforts (Agriculture Insights, Products, and Services Delivery through Farmer Mitras) to serve smallholder farmers.


MyCrop facilities farmers in taking and executing optimum decisions by providing Geo-mapping, Crop Planning, Individual Farm Plans and Farm Automation customized for each farmer based on weather, soil, pest, crop data on near real time basis.


MyCrop is sustainable data driven, scalable, intelligent, self learning, real time collaborative Agri-food system which serves as a farm as well as farmer management solution, predictive analytics and monitoring tool, decision support system and agriculture (buy/sales side) e-commerce platform.


MyCrop creates a holistic ecosystem which smoothen the information needs and requirements of the farmer, while making the effective and efficient use of resources simpler for them.


MyCrop enables farmer to reduce his cost of cultivation, increase his yield and ensure better realisation of his finished product, hence increasing his overall income. For agriculture ecosystem players MyCrop provides last mile access (information and physical) to farmers. This enables them to deliver their offerings (product, service, project) more economically and efficiently.

2. Mention the geographic area where your solution is implemented and give us details of the intervention.

MyCrop rolled out its pilot project in Java and Sumatra, Indonesia in March 2017 and kick started its operations in Gujarat, India in July later that year. Since then, MyCrop has progressed very steadily already serving 3000+ Farmers through 21+ Farmer Mitras in both these agriculture stronghold countries.

MyCrop’s progress and efforts have also culminated in collaborations with partners as respected as Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH (A German Federal Government owned development organization which operates in more than 130 countries), BoP Hub (A Singapore based NGO working for those at the Base of the Pyramid), Australia-Indonesia Partnership for Rural Economic Development (AIP-Rural) (An Australian Government initiative), and Mercy Corps (One of the largest Global NGO working in Agriculture Sector).

Moreover, MyCrop is also in the final stage of planning to start operations in Myanmar, Vietnam and Philippines.

3. What was the objective of the project and how much of it was achieved?

MyCrop’s aim is to ‘Change the World, One Farmer at a Time’. MyCrop wants to lead to the betterment of the smallholder farmers’ life by providing them access to all they need for agriculture while at the same time aiding agriculture ecosystem players to serve the smallholder farmers more efficiently and effectively.


Since kick starting its’ operation full fledgedly, MyCrop has been continually getting farmers as well as has been improving it’s offering based on reviews and feedbacks from farmers.


The key KPI on which MyCrop tracks its growth are

  • Number of farmers enrolled
  • MyCrop’s impact in reducing cost of cultivation, increase in productivity and realisation of product sales of enrolled farmers
  • Number of new partners and ecosystem players on boarded


As of today, MyCrop is serving 3000+ Farmers through 21+ Farmer Mitras. MyCrop has successfully been able to make sure the Farmer Mitras gain monetary benefits upto USD 150 per month while at the same time reduce the cost of cultivation for the farmers as well as increase their yield.

4. Give details of the cost of your solution and scope of scalability

MyCrop is a platform which creates win-win situation for every ecosystem player as it offers value to all. While the platform is free for smallholder farmers, the cost is variable for Agriculture Ecosystem players like Input Providers, Commodity Buyers, Banks and Finance Companies, NGO’s and Development Agencies, Value Chain Players and Government Bodies. The cost for Agriculture Ecosystem players depends on the services availed by them.

Just as the need of every farmer is different, the needs of every ecosystem player is different as well. Understanding that, MyCrop’s platform leverages technology to aid the ecosystem players to be more efficient and impactful.The scope of scalability of the MyCrop platform is immediate as it depends on different types of services required by the Agriculture Ecosystem players.


5. Are you looking for partners? Mention details of partnership.

MyCrop is exploring opportunities with various prospective partners working in the agriculture ecosystem including Government, NGOs and Private Sector to ensure more and more farmers can become part of the initiative.




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