Agritech Case Study Series: Thanos Technologies



Product Name: Agricultural Aerial Spraying Platform 

Name of Organization: Thanos Technologies Private Limited

At the helm: Pradeep Palelli and Prathyush Akepati 

Year of Incorporation: 2016 


Core technology used: Aerial Robotics is the name of the sub-domain under robotics. We use customized Carbon Fibre frames and Lithium-Ion battery technology.




  1. Tell us about your product/solution in brief.

Pesticide Spraying in India has been mostly a manual activity with exceptions of machines used in large farms. Farms in developed countries have had the need to automate this activity a long time ago due to large land holding size per farmer. Japan had started using Aerial Pesticide Spraying techniques in 1990’s and has been successfully spraying millions of acres annually. Based on the feedback collected from actual farmers and a little background research conducted in this area, Pesticide Spraying in agricultural farms has 3 major problems as on date:


  1. Labour shortage – Due to labour migration to cities for better life and opportunities and also due to government schemes
  2. Inefficient spraying – Due to unskilled labour
  3. Health Issues – People who take up this activity seldom take the necessary precautions and end up developing long-term illnesses that could be fatally hazardous


We have developed an Aerial Pesticide Spraying solution that we believe tries to solve all the 3 problems as the human component of the spraying activity is removed/minimized. The ease of Pesticide Spraying through this automated solution in a short time (90% less time) and efficient manner (uniform spraying with minimal wastage) will prove critical to customers in quickly switching over from existing methods.


Though not yet quantified, we believe that our efficient and uniform spraying solution will result in Input Reduction, Yield Improvement, Soil Health Improvement and Reduced Pesticide Residue Levels.


 2. Mention the geographic area where your solution is implemented and give us details of the intervention.

We are currently into Pre-Revenue stage but our product/solution has been demonstrated to hundreds of farmers on the field in 3 districts of A.P. namely – Srikakulam, East Godavari and Krishna. Attached are photos from our Field Demonstrations and Farmer Engagement Sessions where Agricultural Officers and Extension Officers were present too.


 3. What was the objective of the project and how much of it was achieved?

Objective was to build an Autonomous Aerial Spraying Solution that could uniformly and efficiently spray an acre of land thus countering the problems of Dwindling Manual Labour, Inefficiencies in Manual Spraying and Health Hazards of Manual Spraying which currently plague Pesticide Spraying activity in India.


4. Give details of the cost of your solution and scope of scalability

We are looking at positioning our solution as Spraying-as-a-Service model wherein farmers outsource the Spraying activity to us. Compared to a sale model wherein we just sell the drone to an interested large farmer, this model is hugely and quickly scalable (given enough financial resources). The solution costs us more than Rs.5 Lakhs to build for Spraying-as-a-Service model but we believe the same can be recovered within 1 Year (2 seasons) of operation including the Operation Expenditure during that period. The scale-up model will be through Franchisee Partners who could typically be Input Distributors or Agri-Machinery Renting entities.


5. Are you looking for partners? Mention details of partnership.

We are not looking for partners right now but we would certainly need a few in the future once our solution is commercialized. Following are some of our partnerships:

  • ICRISAT – Incubated at ICRISAT and are utilizing the expertise of scientists for crop specific field testing purpose
  • IIIT Hyderabad – Incubated at IIITH and are utilizing the local ecosystem for investor exposure for networking and for regular feedback on our solution
  • Surge Impact Foundation – Part of their Cohort. Receiving very good support and connects from the Surge team and also other Cohort members
  • Berkeley-Andhra Smart Village – We receive Market access and field test support from them




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