Intello Labs – Bringing AI to Agriculture

A simple photograph-through-mobile can change the farmer’s life…this is truly game-changing.

We develop computer vision based solutions for Agriculture problems, with images as our key data to provide insightful and actionable recommendations.

We have 2 products:

1) Crop Inspection

This product:

– Reads Image and gives parameters identifying the disease

– Provides symptoms / cause of the disease

– Recommends how that disease can be cured and / or prevented

2) Agricultural Products Grading

The product:

– Identifies grains, their count and approximate weight (using deep learning models)

– Reads Image and Gives Quality parameters

– Recommends the price of grain

We leverage the most advanced Analytics tools and techniques –Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data – in developing these products.

Our growth plan is based on four pillars, namely:

  • Multitude of grains and agri produce – We intend to roll out the solution for multiple grains, fruits, vegetables, crops, and agri produce along with increasing the use for multitude of input and output steps
  • We will work with multiple stakeholders and buyers within the agriculture industry; we are already in discussions with Government, Farmers, Pesticide firms, etc. There are others (traders, large producers, other firms in the Ag-Tech space, etc.) yet to be tapped
  • We will expand geographically; currently, most of our discussions are in India; soon, we will initiate aggressive sales push in global markets (US, UK, Nordics, Africa, etc.)
  • We will work with channel partners + Advisors; we recognize the limitations of sales being driven only by the Founders; we are looking for the right partners to work with…to be able to scale up the business to its full potential

We have been recognized with HOT 100: Race To Grace 2017 Award 

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