Yuktix Technologies – IOT for Agriculture

Yuktix is a startup based out of Bangalore creating next generation IoT and Software based smart monitoring and advisory solutions for agriculture.

Who can be benefited from Yuktix solution?
Yuktix solutions can be used by
(1) Farmers
(2) Plantations Managers
(3) Greenhouse Owners
(4) Agriculture ColdStorages
(5) Researchers

to do

(1) Extreme weather condition monitoring
(2) Pest and pesticide management
(3) Un-Balanced soil
(4) To avoid Agro-chemical abuse
(5) Asset Monitoring

Yuktix solution integrates IoT devices, mobile applications and big data tools to monitor and fix the factors affecting crops. This results in
(1) Improved yield and quality
(2) Conserve resource

Yuktix Products

(1) ColdSense – Yuktix ColdSense is a next generation wireless warehouse monitoring solution. 

class=image-1The product is made of an IoT device that can operate on battery for years and provides long range communication to penetrate the walls. Out of the box, it comes with Temperature and Humidity sensors. ColdSense can be simply tacked to a wall and require no installation of wires that allow you to just drop the devices where you would like by using MESH networking protocol. The software to view data and reports comes bundled with the product. There is provision to set alerts so the operation can be notified of erratic conditions in time, facility to create multiple accounts so the team can access the dashboard and ability to group assets across different categories. The solution can be accessed from anytime, anywhere so it is an ideal tool for distributed teams. The data is available for download and different kind of visualization can be added on demand. The time to go from device installation to viewing data is on the same day.



Yuktix cold sense is a cost-effective solution to monitor the environmental conditions inside warehouses and open areas. The environment conditions determine the efficiency of operations and in turn the quality of assets. Therefore, continuous 24×7 monitoring of environmental conditions can be a stated goal to measure the operation efficiency. Examples can be maintaining warehouses conditions inside prescribed temperature limits, the weather condition in field and humidity levels inside climate controlled agriculture production.


(2) GreenSense – Yuktix GreenSense is a Remote monitoring and control solution for Greenhouse, plantations (Tea/Coffe) and Orchards. Yuktx provides battery powered wireless T/RH and Soil moisture sensing nodes which can be deployed across the greenhouse, plantation, and orchards. Data from these wireless sensor nodes is sent to the Yuktix Solar powered GPRS gateway from where it is pushed to Yuktix cloud which can be accessed from anywhere in the world.



As we always emphasize, that only data means nothing to the user, some actionable data as a result of data analytics and prediction algorithm is something which can turn out to be a source of ROI. 

  • The drift of average temperature in a greenhouse is used to time the plantation of seeds (Temperature drift play a major role in Rose greenhouses)
  • Disease prediction algorithm like Fire Blight Disease prediction model and Downy Mildew (another link) can be run by feeding the collected data in real time and precautionary measures can be taken before the onset of disease.  
  • Mums (small seedlings for Chrysanthemum) need humidity range between 90-95%. Anything above 95% will cause seedlings to die and anything less than 90% will cause slow growth. 
  • The availability of continuous humidity data combined an automated sprinkler system can help owners get more out of their investments.
  • Disease prediction model for Capsicum 
  • Humidity management is a valuable tool to prevent diseases in greenhouses as part of overall Integrated Pest Management. Effective environmental control not only reduces disease pressure and reduces pesticide use, the reentry intervals from pesticide applications are no longer an issue.

Yuktix GreenSense comes with DPI(Disease, Pest, and Irrigation) management cloud software. With the help of Yuktix Greensense, you can manage to analyze which part to irrigate and when to irrigate, which part is susceptible to diseases, pest and can take corrective action like spraying pesticide or insecticide.


(3) Weather Station – Research Grade and Citizen Weather Station
Yuktix one of the earliest product was the weather station. Yuktix provide 2 type of weather station
(a) Research Grade weather station – Yuktix research grade weather station is a solar powered weather station with 11 sensors

  • Temperature
  • Humidity 
  • Pressure
  • Rainfall
  • Windspeed and Wind direction
  • VMC (Volumetric Water content) and Soil Temperature
  • Leaf Wetness
  • Solar Radiation 
  • Lux


(b) Citizen weather station – Yuktix citizen weather station comes with

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pressure
  • Rainfall



Yuktix weather station sends data to Yuktix SensorDB where it is stored, analyzed and displayed on a dashboard. Data then is also exposed with the help of REST API’s and web-hooks, so that it can be plugged to any kind of software system. We have plugged our weather station data to weather underground. At present, we are running one of its kind of Open weather network in Bangalore.

(4) SensorDB 

Yuktix sensorDB is a cloud software to collect and analyze data from sensors. SensorDB provides out of the box integration with sensors and easy device management. SensorDB can be run on premise as well as in hosted mode on multiple cloud providers. SensorDB provides storage, archiving, notification and data processing services.

SMS and email integration are wired and more online services can be integrated on demand. SensorDB provides easy machine to machine integration with API and web hooks. Customers can provide their own Visualization and apps using REST API. A python SDK is provided to write computation scripts and generate reports.



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