Is India catching up with Global Agri-tech Innovations?

The Indian agriculture industry has come a long way in the last few years. One of the major changes has been on the innovation front. Over the years Agriculture sector has witnessed various innovations. But the collaboration of Internet and Mobile technologies well lead the way for newer opportunities and will revolutionize Indian Agriculture to a different level in the coming years.


Innovating Agriculture at every stage of farming



Technological advancement and innovation are the way forward to empower farming in India. It is important to enable farmers to take advantage of technology which helps them to make informed decisions to improve resource management, get higher yield and timely results with minimum wastage.

Bitmantis is one startup which is helping farmers to create smart automated growing environment. Their GreenSAGE solution automatically monitors and controls nutrients, light and irrigation including other critical aspects required at different stages of farming. Their IOT solution enables farmers to grow fresh vegetables and herbs throughout the year by optimizing conditions required to efficiently growing different farm produce. 


Bitmantis cloud platform connects multiple devices using sensors and actuators that helps to monitor, manage and automate all the tasks required by IoT solution. This connected solution processes and shares data in the cloud to provide historical and real-time data insights. Further the solution lets end-user manage and monitor the IoT solution from any remote location using any device that can process internet.


Global Interest in Digitalizing Indian Agriculture

 There are massive opportunities for IoT and digitization in the agriculture industry, especially in a growing economy like India. With India being one of the largest milk farming industries in the world, one of the prime cases in this regard has been Stellapps Technologies which has received funding worth $14 million from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation along with IndusAge Partners in May 2018.


Stellapps, an IoT and Data Analysis company is responsible for managing close to two billion liters of milk flow through its SmartMoo digital supply chain platform, using more than 20 different types of sensors that can further automate the data using machine learning techniques. These records are automatically sent to the dairy companies and the farmer via SMS. Further to this, Stellapps have set up a digitized payments system called AgRupay where companies can directly transfer money to the farmers along with an animal insurance product called MooKare.


Transforming the Future  

Indian Agri-tech has come a long way, both in terms of investment and technology. There is a need for Government to take up the task of providing focused grants to Agri-tech companies and provide them with hi-tech incubators and training programs to encourage new and innovative ideas.


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