Digi Nomics

  • Forums, Webinars, Discussions, talk shows and meetings everywhere word “Digital” seems to be a new ingredient for our Ubiquitous recipe.
  • Mix it  , Boil it , Churn it , Ready it that to fill our myriad “Digital” Hunger.
  • We are calling it mass “Digital Transformation” of anything, everything that yesterday seem to be remote possibility primarily an unique gift of Technology Disruption.

A Core Leader of IT Giant once articulated every Organization works through three layers of Infrastructure —

  • Digital : That interacts with technology consistently  –{ Desktops , Computers , Servers , Mobiles ,Networks , Data }
  • Physical : Which absolutely holds Digital infrastructure in it — { Buildings , Towers , Inventory , Ware Houses , Cables , Physical Installations }
  • EmotionalThose People, their mind, skills that controls, manages both physical and digital assets.

Simply these staggering volume of transactions which ultimately fuel “Digital Transformation” is an economy of its own, Let’s give a name “ Digi.Nomics”

What Digital Transaction means to Masses?

If we explore the way Digital interests people or real masses  then broadly it may distributed around underneath consumption patterns as in Monetize Digital image ( Digi.jpg ).

  • While doing dissection of digital economy only 10% of large masses prefer to act on matters listed under “Secured transactions”.
  • 90% of traditional Families often prefers “Unsecured” digital transactions over less than 5% financial transactions limited to only urban or Tier -I , Tier -II and cosmopolitan cities.

  • Often people prefer to skip one or many financial transaction in digital mode.
  • Online examinations still least preferred mode unless there is no alternative specified by Controllers.
  •  Traditionally people perceive the usage of Digital should be limited to all actions that will not ultimately impact their “Health” Or “Wealth”.

Where is Digital Infrastructure?

  • When Business after Business thrive to reach “That Digital Customer” then a large segment of economy eternally trusts all “Physical Treasure”.
  • Above pattern behavior simply linked to large extent “Weak or Brittle” Digital Infrastructure, which need both “Skill” and “Scale” without any proper recovery mechanism at current.
  • No one has appetite to plunge for Risks associated with “Digital Finances” and to bear consequence on event of “Failure to complete a secured” transaction.
  • Instance : Even after much of talks Social media largest “Facebook” Or “Youtube” never getting a local competitor to dilute their segment as none of local entrepreneur can afford  “Digital Infrastructure” in such a low pricing business model.
  • Well “Digi Economy” may sound a global keyword but localization of technology is still a long haul road.

Unless we monetize our Digital capability around “Secured Transactions” by invoking strong participation both from traditional mass and heritage industries i.e. Mining , Manufacturing, Heavy Industry, Agriculture , We are restricting to unlock Digital and its footprints on Society.

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