Fintech Lending – “Unlocking Untapped Potential”

NASSCOM’s Fintech Lending – “Unlocking Untapped Potential” underlines how Fintech lending market have evolved in recent years. This report focuses entirely on Fintech lending segment under the broader Fintech umbrella. We have traced the evolution of Fintech Lending industry in India while highlighting the key drivers for growth, trends, challenges and opportunities. The report also highlights new business opportunities and key success factors for the Fintech lending industry in India, in addition to identifying bottlenecks faced by the industry, and recommend action steps to unlock the untapped potential of the industry.

Key Highlights
Fintech Lending Market Overview
• Rapidly Growing Fintech Lending Landscape in India
• Fundamental Lending Challenges In India Translating To Massive Fintech Lending Opportunities
• Lending Market Attractiveness- Better Data Better Analysis  Better Margins
• Start-ups, Large Tech Companies And NBFCs Are Key Competitors
• Lending Success Factors- Establishing Partnerships for Market Access, Using Data to lower Default Rates
• Data is the Holy Grail in Fintech Lending
Business Opportunities
• POS Based Lending Is The Fastest Growing Lending Solution Segment
• P2P Lending Driving Consumer Based Lending in India
• Invoice Based Lending Providing Support to Many MSMEs
• Short Term Lending is Gaining Momentum Due to Instant Credit Need
NASSCOM Recommendations
• Addressing issues pertaining to digital on-boarding of customers
• Support new technology and innovation in lending
• Improve access to credit



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