How LTTS used Augmented Reality to Transform MRO for a Renowned Client!

Diagnosing and repairing complex equipment failures is becoming more and more challenging with increased equipment complexity and the shortage of skilled workforce.  Unnecessary delays in fixing faulty machinery and parts can stall business operations and lead to financial and brand reputation loss.  Our client was facing high mean time to repair (MTTR), poor visibility into assets and high personnel costs due to constant expert intervention required throughout the service and support operations.

The company partnered with LTTS to deploy Augmented Reality (AR) technology to streamline maintenance, repair and operations (MRO), minimize support costs and drive business value.


The client wanted a plan for expansion of their existing pharmaceutical manufacturing facility and wanted to understand the gaps in utility requirements for both the existing plant and the new site.


Enable quick and effective service support and employ proactive asset monitoring to boost asset longevity, helping the client deliver superior customer value.


The client wanted to improve turnaround time for repairs, reduce its reliance on skilled workers for all maintenance work and prevent unprecedented breakdowns affecting business continuity.

LTTS was tasked with creating a solution that would enable preventative maintenance, accelerate the diagnostics process and provide contextual help for fixing faults.


LTTS adopted a methodical and synchronized approach to develop an AR-enabled application for streamlining maintenance and repair operations.  The equipment, when viewed through the application using the camera on the mobile device, displays hotspots or areas of possible fault.  This way, the personnel are able to pinpoint the root cause of the issue quickly, saving time and effort.  When one clicks on the hotspot, standard connection and circuit diagrams are displayed that can be used to rectify the issue efficiently.  The AR technology coupled with the power of IoT helped the client transform MRO.

  • Took images of the equipment from multiple angles to create a single image to be served as the standard representation of the equipment
  • Employed AR technology to display areas of possible faults, super-imposed on the real-time image being viewed from the camera on the mobile device
  • Leveraged machine data and cloud server to help the maintenance personnel drill down to the cause of the equipment failure quickly


LTTS assumed 100% ownership of the design and implementation of the AR-enabled project to aid field technicians.  The solution has increased the lifespan of assets by aiding field technicians on their visits and by granting a level of transparency that was previously lacking.


  • 17% in reduction in repair time with increased collaboration between field technicians and remote experts
  • 20% in increase in asset lifespan thanks to real-time alerts and notifications on mobile devices
  • 100% in real-time monitoring of assets through integrated AR technology

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