LTTS Helped to Develop Scientifically Approved Site Master Plan for Expansion of Pharmaceutical Plant

The increasingly competitive pharmaceutical industry is facing demands to produce low cost, accessible medicines and explore viable ways to increase drug production.  Given this scenario, pharmaceutical companies are investing capital to expand existing operations while taking advantage of the latest manufacturing technologies.

For expansion, companies must take stock of their existing assets and resources and determine areas for improvement.  During the expansion process, pharmaceutical companies also consult engineering service providers to design detailed site layouts and begin construction of plants and facilities.


The client wanted a plan for expansion of their existing pharmaceutical manufacturing facility and wanted to understand the gaps in utility requirements for both the existing plant and the new site.


The client collaborated with LTTS to chart a master plan for expansion of their existing pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.  The objective was to ensure that the building plan adhered to NBC, IS, NFPA and GM Global regulatory guidelines.


LTTS had to analyze utility gaps for developing an overall site master plan.  This involved studying various technical documents and test reports.

In addition, LTTS also had to consider diverse factors, such as cost of process equipment and racking system solutions, FSI and coverage area, traffic and man movements, and pipe rack provisions.


LTTS developed a site master plan with reports, schematic layouts, and outline drawings.  To achieve this, LTTS:

  • Extensively surveyed the site, studied technical documents, and gathered data about the existing and new requirements
  • Created as-built drawings for existing machinery systems and the utility gap summary report
  • Prepared a design basis report and developed a site master plan for pump room and fire tank requirements
  • Designed overall equipment layout for utility and production buildings in 3D


LTTS developed the site and equipment layouts using 3D modelling tools, enhancing the visualization of the structures in the expansion.  Currently, the project is still under development.


  • Scientifically Approved – LTTS conducted a comparative analysis for various code requirements necessary for approval from FM Global

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