NASSCOM CoE Gandhinagar Leads Nationwide Industry Co Create Program For JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd

The first edition of FUSION 4.0 – Forum Uniting Startups On Industries on New Technologies – was an exciting event that witnessed several senior leaders of JK Lakshmi Cement discuss at length their company’s use cases & their ongoing challenges with participating product startups

  • Following a nationwide call for startups to apply and a selection process, 10 startups were invited to participate in an exclusive brainstorming session with JK Lakshmi Cement’s senior leadership.
  • Six startups have submitted their project proposals and a PoC will shortly be initiated with relevant proposals, starting with the Kalol Plant in Gandhinagar

One of the hallmarks of being a part of an evolved industry ecosystem like NASSCOM Center of Excellence is connecting the most relevant solution seekers to innovators. NASSCOM CoE IoT & AI Gandhinagar conducted FUSION 4.0 – Forum Uniting Startups & Industries On New Technologies – on February 29th 2020 at the JK Lakshmi Cement plant in Ahmedabad.

JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd, one of the strategic partners with NASSCOM CoE Gandhinagar, had worked with the Gandhinagar CoE team over the last few months to identify gaps in their current workflow processes. Among the many activities intended to identify these gaps included the design thinking workshop with team members from different plant locations. The rigorous process finally culminated into the formulation of problem statements to be worked upon and led to the identification of a series of use cases. Several startups in the Industry 4.0 area were called upon to solve these problems, using advanced technologies.

Following an internal selection process, 10 startups participated in this event. These companies belong to different technologies and domains that include AR/VR, AI, ML, IoT, Data Science & Analytics. They include Plutomen Technologies, Photom Technologies, ReveSoils, Sensegiz Technologies, Alluvium IoT Solutions, SoftVan, Enerlytics Software Solutions, Ecolibrium, Airpix and Harikrupa Automation.

Following a welcome note by Naveen Sharma, Senior Vice President, JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd, Amit Saluja, Senior Director – Industry 4.0 & Center Head, CoE Gandhinagar introduced the concept of FUSION 4.0 to the audience and the significance of strategically connected platforms to foster innovation.

Naveen Kumar Sharma – Sr. Vice President (Works), JK Lakshmi Cement Limited, said, “This is a welcome Initiative by NASSCOM towards building relationships between industry and startups to work on real life industrial challenges required for implementation of Industry 4.0 in manufacturing. We hope that this association will succeed in boosting overall sustainability of business and society.”

Key members from JK Lakshmi Cement at the event included Krishan Mittal, Vice President of IT (Sirohi plant), Rajesh Kumar Singh, Vice President of IT (New Delhi), Mukul Shrivastava, Vice President of Engineering (Durg), SK Saxena, Sr. Vice President (Jhajjar plant) and Deepak Sharma, Sr. General Manager of Instrumentation (Durg plant).

After intense brainstorming between the heads of different JK plants across the nation, ranging from top management to shopfloor operations, several usecases were identified and problem statements discussed at length. Some of the commonly faced challenges included:

Demand Forecasting: This is done to predict the pattern of market orders, using historical data, seasonal trends and current statistics

Skill Level Assessment of Labour: While existing mechanisms can assess senior employees on work output, similar systems doesn’t exist for shopfloor workers.

Sharing Process Data Across multiple Units, Predictive Maintenance & Condition Monitoring of machines, were considered in first phase for POC implementation.

Amit Saluja, Senior Director, Industry 4.0 & Center Head, CoE Gandhinagar, said, “Integration of Industries and Start-ups is a must for developing an ecosystem and enabling a win-win for all. It helps enterprises validate innovative ideas and provides an opportunity to start-ups to get real-time experience and demonstrate their capabilities. We had a perfect start to the FUSION program with startups showing interest from different cities. It was pleasure to watch startup founders and leaders from JK Lakshmi Cement brainstorming together to find the solutions of challenges presented at different industrial plants.”

Such strategic engagement opportunities are critical to the growth of an innovation ecosystem, as they help validate the solution in real time environment as well as enable adoption of innovative solutions, enhancing go-to market opportunities for product companies.

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