Electric Vehicle Market in China


Apart from freedom from the oily smell and the engine noise, eco-friendliness is the most attention-grabbing feature of the electric vehicles (EV), leading to a worldwide emphasis on manufacturing efficient electric vehicles for the future world.

By grabbing 43% share in EV manufacturing, today, China is the world’s largest automotive market. By announcing that by 2025, 20% of the cars sold in China will be operating on the alternative fuel and passing new regulations mandating the car manufacturers to sell more alternative energy cars, China has become the biggest global supporter of EV.

Biggest consumer market

China has the largest number of electric vehicles on the road. The increased purchasing power of the consumers has made China the largest consumer market worldwide.

With various initiatives from the government and the aid from the #technology side, all in all, the new ev market in china appears to be both promising and demanding . To know more, visit Explore Electric Vehicle Market in China


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