From Self-Driving Autos to the Autonomous Industrial Plant

Recently Nvidia and Uber entered into a partnership that will include the Nvidia GPU’s processors inside the future self-driving cars and trucks and even the autonomous industrial plant. The announcement was made at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) and marks a significant step in Nvidia Drive PX computing platform becoming a supplier of self-driving vehicles. Safe, reliable autonomous vehicles require high performance software that can deal with the complexities that arise while driving a car.

Nvidia Looks to Play Critical Role in Smart Manufacturing

Nvidia is a key technology provider for the Uber self-driving cars, could be a key technology for automating future industrial plants. Nvidia Advanced analytics, sensor integration, co-piloting, and driver facial recognition are all part of the new software features. GPUs are also being used in the plant in operator training simulators (OTS) that are used for training workers to be able to respond to complex operations and manufacturing situations. Others are using Nvidia GPUs for augmented and virtual reality simulations of their plants but the future for autonomous plants is possible. Others like Bosch are building new plants to produce chips for autonomous vehicles, smart homes and internet-linked cities.

IIoT-Enabled Technologies Will Help Spawn A Future Autonomous Industrial Plant

Many of the innovations we are seeing are just steps like auto configure, using robots, and other new but the technology is moving faster today than ever. Industrie 4.0, IoT and the digital twin are examples of technologies driving the autonomous industrial plant of the future. Information technology, telecommunications and manufacturing will merge. Machines, people and things will communicate with each other to run processes better and more productively. The autonomous industrial plant will be faster, more flexible and more efficient than ever.


Tesla’s Autonomous Factory of the Future Source: Mercury News

Ecosphere Alliances are Critical for Autonomous Industrial Plant of Future

While Uber has partnered with Nvidia for the software it has also partnered with Volvo and other companies to obtain leading edge technologies. Ford has partnered with Intel. Manufacturing is working with many different partner ecosphere alliances being made to expedite and improve process insight, decision making and ultimately a self-driving plant. The future of transportation, cities and industrial plants is at the forefront of change. Join us in Orlando to learn about some of the new leading edge industrial technologies driving the autonomous industrial plant of tomorrow at the ARC Orlando Forum. “ARC is starting to see a few “lights out” plants but mostly in the discrete industries. These plants are run by systems, machines and robots and do not need to have the lights on to see. We do expect to see autonomous industrial plants in the future in the process industries but expect the process industries to be slower to adapt because of the complexities and potential hazards.” Learn about analytics to chatbots and deep learning to advanced controls, to cloud and edge and cybersecurity to 3D printing and the autonomous industrial plant.

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