Top Trends To Watch in the Automotive Industry In 2018


The year 2018 has marked the revolution in the sector with increasing automation, #digitization of DMS and innovative business models. The year casts definite trends that will dictate and transform the response of the industry players to the changing customer behavior.

• Electric Vehicles

Depleting non-renewable energy reservoirs have been the primary driving factor of the electric cars and in turn, the DMS Solution for these vehicles. Almost all automakers including the key-players like Mercedes-Benz, General Motors, BMW, Ford and Volkswagen have kickstarted this go-green initiative with plans to bring their variants in the market in near future.

• Autonomous Vehicles

The year is expected to witness the launch of autonomous vehicles from a range of automakers that promise enhanced traffic management and improved passenger comfort lowering road accidents. The autonomous vehicle technology will accompany the increased demand in the #DMS for an vehicle that will ease the life of auto manufacturers and dealers by efficiently managing the Supply Chain life cycle.

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