‘Validating Quality’ to ‘Engineering Quality’ – A paradigm shift

‘Validating Quality’ to ‘Engineering Quality’ – A paradigm shift

Author: Srinivas Yeluripaty, Associate Vice President, Infosys Ltd.,

With digital disruptions sweeping the world, ‘change’ is the only constant and industries across the world are grappling with ways to meet the ever-evolving expectations of key stakeholders, especially ubiquitous consumers. This is reshaping the expectations on IT that plays significant role in supporting enterprises in their digital business transformations. To achieve this pace and flexibility, organizations are increasingly adopting agile methods and DevOps principles.

The quality functions, which test and certify the software and products, are undergoing significant transformation, and they need to shift their focus in creating better value and agility.  DevOps’s success criteria focusses on “Increasing Deployment frequency, reduce lead time for changes & mean time to recover etc.,”, hence a shift from big releases to increasing emphasis on quality in small chunks that move into production is creating a need for continuously engineering quality.

Are the building blocks for QA changing? Absolutely!! There is a significant shift in testing processes, skill requirements, automation and engagement models. The shift is from ‘Validating Quality’ to ‘Engineering Quality’.

This shift can simply be summed up “A.E.I.O.U.” which stands for: Automate, Eliminate, Integrate, Orchestrate and Uberize.

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