Would it be apps or browsers?

We always thought apps are the future. But better connectivity and technology is making the reverse seem closer to reality.

Proclamations of an all-native mobile app world ignore the fact that browsers and the web are fast becoming the mobile operating system of the future, and native apps are slowly dying.

Native apps are, of course, great at certain things. They’re for frequent, heavy use tasks like communicating with friends, family, and colleagues – something we do multiple times a day, every day. Apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger need to access cameras, microphones, and the OS directly. So it makes sense for these types of apps to be native iOS and Android apps.

But is there really a need for any other type of app to be installed natively? The mobile web, and browsers of today, can easily take care of almost everything we want to accomplish. Let’s not forget, native mobile apps were a short-term fix for short-term connectivity problems. In a 4G, wifi-everywhere world, those problems have all but disappeared.

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