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I Made a Difference – Story Contest Part 2

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the Women’s Initiative First Rain team rolled out a unique story contest ‘I Made a Difference’ for all its employees in India. Employees were invited to share their story on how they positively impacted or empowered a woman – a mother, sister, wife, daughter or friend.

Story 1:  Yogita Singh

My story relates to
– Colleague
My effort
– Will make a difference

You can be a good mother & still follow your dreams.
You totally can, if you so desire…

My story revolves around one of my office colleagues. One day while talking to her she sounded depressed then on asking she told me that she had to leave her ailing daughter unattended. She was feeling guilty as she felt that she was not proving to be a good mother and she felt like leaving her job so that she can devote herself fully towards her daughter. I narrated her my story that I myself had passed through the same phase as she was undergoing. At that time rather than giving up at that momentary ebb in my life I continued to pursue my career. Leaving a job and surrendering to a situation is not a solution. One need to priorities and tend to what seems to be important at that moment. I told her that she should follow her dreams and pursue her career which in longer run would be beneficial not only to her but to her kids and whole family. So, I advised her just to take a short break and take care of her child till she get fully recovered. Within a week she was back to office with same energy and enthusiasm!!!!

You are not a bad mom if you are working. You are not a bad employee if you are a mom.

Story 2: Priyankar Shrivastava

My story relates to
– Wife
My effort has already
– Made a difference
As it is widely said Learning starts at home. We pick our habits, nature & personality at home only and our parents play a very pivotal role in this.

I have always seen my father supporting my mother throughout the different phases of her life post marriage. Whether it has been completing her studies or learning classical music or starting tutorial classes from home, he has always been by her side. So the traits of respecting & empowering your better-half is something that comes quite naturally in me.

Like any other girl of today’s time, SHREYA my wife had always wanted to start a career of her own after completing her studies. But somehow due the socio-economic conditions at her hometown, she was unable to pursue this dream before our marriage. She had told me about this ambition of hers when we got engaged.

As my family already has a progressive mindset so we all were in agreement with her to start a job when she came to Delhi after our marriage. She perfectly balances her work, family and most importantly taking care of our baby. And I try to ease her burden as much as I can in all the possible ways. Be it taking care of our child when we are back home after work (and on Saturdays as she has a 6 day working week) or minor household chores, I am always ready to put my foot forward.

By default all women are superwomen, there are just so many things that a woman can teach us about life. For me, my mother and my wife are the pillars of strength.

Story 3: Vinay Sharma

My story relates to
– Wife
My effort has already
– Made a difference

Here is a little story I have to share which made a difference for my wife.
In our society (and I am talking of so called modern liberal homes), there is still lot of gender biasness that exists. Part of it is because of how our society has evolved and part of it is because of various social issues that exists today.

So basically the anecdote I want to share is about a very recent happening. My wife and couple of her friends wanted to go on an all girls trip. Considering al
l of them are married, have young kids, it was not a naturally easy decision for them to make. They had their apprehensions of how families would react to it. And they were not misplaced in their thoughts. Comments like How will you go alone?, It is too risky, What about kids?, You already go on enough trips so why this need for an all-girls trip …and so on. While these some of the concerns with respect to safety are not wrongly placed but the outlook needed to be on how to make this happen. Unfortunately, that was missing.

The fact that most of the family members were unable to easily understand was all these girls were looking for was a little me time where they wanted to enjoy couple of days without the daily chores and work cycles. They just wanted to feel free / relaxed and more importantly strong and responsible at the same time.

So I made sure my family and even my families of her friends were looking at it in a very normal way. I did not get into any sort of discussion on this. I just behaved at this being just fine. I make the necessary bookings, told them few basic things to take care of (which normally say I was doing when we go on trips). That was it. I really don’t think what I did was anything special. I just did what was required and sometimes that alone can make some difference.

My wife and her friends had a real good time and came back happy! Wishing them more such trips.

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