I Made a Difference – Story Contest

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the Women’s Initiative @NTT DATA (WIN) team rolled out a unique story contest ‘I Made a Difference’ for all its employees in India. Employees were invited to share their story on how they positively impacted or empowered a woman – a mother, sister, wife, daughter or friend.

The employees welcomed this contest with great enthusiasm and we received a good number of submissions given the two-day deadline. Out of the responses received, we selected the top 3 winners; their story is below:

Name: Vasagiri Pujitha, Hyderabad
Topic: Helped Educate a Girl Child

I am from Kurnool and we had a lady dhobi coming to my home. She had four daughters but none of them had ever been to school.  I realized that the youngest girl was interested in studying, so I took the initiative and responsibility and spoke to her family and offered to support her. With my father’s help, I made her join a school. Currently, she is studying and her parents are happy for it and I feel happy that I helped a girl.

I have also helped a girl who is currently doing her graduation, from a person who was harassing her. I supported her in her decision to file a complaint against that person. Her family is solving this issue with the help of a senior lady who is a member of women’s security and safety and SHE Teams (introduced in the Telangana state with a motto to provide safety and security to women and make Hyderabad a safe place). Currently, the person is in jail and the girl is happy now. I am grateful to God that I am able to help women in my society.

Name: Nidhi Priyadarshini, Bangalore
Topic: Helped Educate a Girl Child

I am associated with the NGO, Plan India; there I met a girl from a minority community who was married at the age of 14. She was physically assaulted and tortured by her husband and her in-laws. After listening to her story, I advised her to resume her studies and become independent like us. I convinced her to join school for which I pay from my salary. She has also joined English learning classes. I don’t expect a recognition for my contribution in this girl’s life, but I just wanted to share this story on such a platform where someone reading it, is a woman, someone judging it, is a woman, someone writing it, is a woman and this is what makes all of us strong enough to be able to understand and help women like her.

Name: Shifali Bhatia, Gurgaon
Topic: Helped a woman join work after marriage

I had a neighbor, who was a Biology teacher prior to her marriage. She left her job due to household activities and kids. My brother needed help in Biology, so he approached her and she helped him with the topics quite well. So I encouraged her to start tuitions on the subject. She was hesitant, but upon my request, she revised the subject and started taking tuitions after a gap of 15 years. She has a batch of 25 students now and has gained back her confidence.

Name: Jyotsna Gupta, Hyderabad
Topic: Helped Educate a Girl Child

My story is based on my mother’s daily life. I am a working girl, living outside my home and my mother is a homemaker. She always wanted to bring some change in the society and especially help the girl child. She always believed in the saying “When you educate a man, you educate an individual and when you educate a woman, you educate an entire family”. So, she started as a volunteer for educating the children in our society in a rural area. In that locality, parents wanted free education for their children and when they learned about my mother, they started to drop and pick up their child till my door gate. My mother is also fond of some spiritual gathering so she decided to spread this to her friends and take help from them as well. So now the school teachers and environment was ready to serve these new children and help them fly high. Apart from this, for luring the children to learn more and come daily, she offered education-cum-dance classes and this added to their cultural activities too. Whenever I go home, I help her in this great work. She is moving forward with educating more and more children in our society.

Name: Mary Anusha Yerava, Hyderabad
Topic: Helped a domestic help

I helped two young unmarried girls (aged 20 and 25) who work at various houses in an apartment as helpers. Among the two, the younger one helps me every day with my household chores. During my conversation with her, I found out that someone takes daily tailoring classes near their home, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and also from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. The timings were not flexible and because of their household chores, they had decided that only one of them would go for these classes. But they were apprehensive if this arrangement would work out or not. I told them that they must learn to value their independence and hence learn tailoring. I also told them that they may get married soon and they may face trouble if their husbands would not be supportive. I explained that that it would help them earn more money and they must learn a new skill in order to support their family and be independent. I discussed the same with their mother and told her to take a stand to help her daughters have a better life in the future. She promised to give them the time to attend these classes. I am glad I helped convince them and make them understand the importance of learning a new skill and be independent

About Women’s Initiative @NTT DATA (WIN): A platform initiated for the women, by the women that provides an opportunity to engage, share experiences, learn best practices, discuss factors to achieve work-life balance and acquire skills to advance their career and attain leadership positions. It aims to recognize NTT DATA as an employer of choice for women, both internally and externally, provide support to potential women for advancing their leadership skills, improve workplace flexibility and engage women workforce, educate women on subjects like health, work-life balance, self-defense etc.

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