NASSCOM Paytm Women in Technology Hackathon, April 2018

NASSCOM Paytm Women in technology- Build for India Hackathon sponsored by Pay-tm and the CEO of Paytm Bank – Renu Satti graced the closing ceremony of the Hackathon and encouraged all the Participants


The NASSCOM and Paytm collaboration for the Hackathon had many firsts in it. It was first of its kind hackathon where teams were led by Women leaders and the Ideas which came out will be in future mentored by Paytm. Before we go ahead, a brief of the event:


The Theme of the Event was “Build for India” The aim was to build a project to solve a problem in India. All projects built for the Hackathon were open sourced under Apache license and all code were added to a repository provided by the Paytm – Build for India initiative. AWS provided AWS free credits to all the participants. The Technologies/Platforms Allowed were: Mobile Apps, Web Apps, ML/AI/ NLP, Block chain IOT, Desktop Apps, AR/VR


We had initial registrations of 104 teams and close to 367 Participants. Finally, we had 84 Teams and 320+ Participants attending the event( conversion rate of over 90%). The Noida office for the first time was hosting so many visitors.


We were able to engage with a lot of members and had participation from 45+ teams(>50% of all teams participated) from member organizations


Some of the Members  that sent nominations were: Capgemini, Fidelity, IRIS, SAP , Wells Fargo, FISERV, TIAA  GBS, TCS, HSBC, Sopra, RBS, Samsung, Sunlife, NEC


We had 30 Student category teams participate from Across India. Some collages from where students came from were: PSIT, Indira Gandhi, HMRITM, NIEC,

Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute Of Technology, DTU, RAMANUJAN COLLEGE, JIMS, LPU



The response of the ecosystem to contribute in the initiative was amazing. Also, it gave us an opportunity to connect with the Tech business leaders of the Region. In total, we had 30 Jury members who judged the Projects submitted by the teams. We had 2 Jury rounds. In the first round, we had a Panel of 7 Juries of 3 jury members each, who judges the 84 teams according to the Evaluation parameters. After the first Jury round, we had 22 teams who qualified for the Final round. Out of the 20, 15 teams were from the professional category and 7 from Student category. The final Jury round lasted over 2:30 hours and the Jury zeroed in on the following teams as the winners of the Hackathon.


  • Winners- Professional Category- Team WOW- Wells Fargo India LTD- Project Details- “The ‘Life Savior’– This application is an end-to-end implementation of an automated system to assist people in medical and non-medical emergency situations and one that can be used on a non-smart phone or smart phone. The value add is that it would work with or without internet. The workflow and automation is built using life savior reusable core services that can be extended to any use case of medical or non-medical emergency services for building a better India- Cash Prize 1 Lac


  • 1st runner up’s- Professional Category- Team Homo SAPians From SAP labs India Pvt ltd- Project Details- Sign All- This is an intelligent application that enables people with hearing and speech disabilities to communicate with the rest of the society by translating signs into speech and vice versa leveraging leap motion controller

Cash Prize – 50 K


  • Winners- Student Category- Team Flip Flops from BVCOE-Project Details- They Used ML, AI and other technologies to create sound controlled and body parts controlled user interface for controlling computers.

Cash Prize 50 K


  • 1st Runner Up’s- Student Category- Team- A-Squad from Lovely professional University: Project Details- Visboom: An intelligent system which enables the user to fully control a laptop or a computer without any physical interaction but by means of eye and face movements along with voice commands. Cash Prize 25 K


Other Runners Up Solutions :

  • To bridge the gap between NGOs and less-fortunate people of all around the streets of the country. Users can create a public record of the homeless people, Women, Child under labors and all sorts of Vagrants found on the streets of the country with the Geographical location tag. NGOs/Authorities can access these records on the Website or on Application and contact the needy people. They can then try to help them by analyzing their needs. The NGOs/Authorities will also have the options to select a status for a particular entry, for example: “contacting”, “helping” etc. This whole process is listed on the website for public to see, thus maintaining the transparency throughout the process.
  • The biometric details(Fingerprints) of Children are entered into the system along with their parents Aadhar and a unique ID is generated for the child.  This unique ID can be used to update the biometrics periodically and to report if any child is missing.
  • Whenever a trafficking victim is found, biometric data reference will help the victims identification and can be united with their families
  • Built a mobile app Krishi Saarthi – which aims to contribute to Indian farmers’ wellbeing by effective crop management, financial planning, public private partnership through jobs and skills match and contributing to India’s GDP



The Jury constituted of a diverse group of tech leaders from our Member companies. The Jury constituted  Mr. K.V Prasad who was recommended by Mr. Alok fro Dell, Ms. Simmi Dhamija Global Transformation Head Tech M, Mr. Vinod Sood from Hughes Systique to name a few. Here are a few testimonials from the Juries and the participating Teams:


”Hi, Thanks for having me at the event yesterday, energy and the enthusiasm of the team was amazing– Sachi Dhawan- PB

“Hi, It was nice being part of NASSCOM Paytm Hackathon– Dr Uttam Kumar-CNT Global

“Hi, It was great to be part of the event and I really enjoyed the presentations from the participants– Paras Kaushik- NIIT Tech

“It was fun attending the event over the weekend and I was very impressed with the teams. I thought the three teams we chose from our groups – Women of Wells & RBS team consisting of all women members were just amazing– Anuraj Soni- COO, Magic SW


“ Thank you so much for being such gracious hosts at the hackathon event. Please convey our thanks and regards to everyone who worked with you. We had such a pleasant and enjoyable experience at your venue. It couldn’t have been done better. We also got the opportunity to think beyond the needs of our work and family and set foot on the path to build for India.”- Message from Fidelity.


Thanks to NASSCOM for providing us with a splendid platform to showcase our Life Savior idea. It’s been an exhilarating experience all through the event, which was organized well with great attention to detail. It was a unique event that brought together strong teams from many corporates across India and also had active student groups. The eventful journey has enriched our knowledge and humbled us even as we emerged winners!”- Message from the winning team of Wells Fargo.


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