Women Are Breaking The Venture Capital Glass Ceiling and How!

Women are at the helm of some of the largest businesses across the world, but when it comes to venture capital, there is a visible absence of women in decision-making circles. However, over the last few years, women are progressively taking giant leaps in the venture capital sector with some branching out to set up their own funds while many holding senior leadership positions with prominent firms.

Angel investing has long been a male dominated field. But, the attitude is slowly changing with women investors becoming imperative to the startup ecosystem, in the face of their male counterpart signaling them that they bring with themselves an emotional quotient along with a powerful gut instinct. Moving ahead with practicality and unrestrained passion, women venture capitalists are successful entrepreneurs with a huge appetite for innovation and creativity. What gives them the power to grow rapidly is the conviction and confidence from angel, venture capitalists and private equity investors. Some prominent names at the front are Ankita Vashistha, Asha Jadeja Motwani, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Bharati Jacob and Rekha Menon.

Firstly, measuring a problem is the first step to inciting change. We should aim to collect and publish data on the number of women in senior, investment-making roles across firms, both homegrown and foreign, operating in India. Sharing these numbers may be rough, but it will compel us to encounter a bleak reality.

Secondly, there is limited pool of talent that feeds into senior roles in venture capital firms. From assessing business models to understanding macro-trends in the technology space, there’s more to being a successful VC. These skill sets can be cultivated in unconventional careers, such as consulting, journalism or even talent management. We shouldn’t blame the pipeline of talent that feeds into careers in venture capital. Instead, we should expand it.

The road to gender equality in business still has some obstacles. However, when we reflect on the progress that has been made, looks like women’s era is approaching! Women investors leading a revolution to build tomorrow’s great companies. Today, the new age modern women are the epitome of success and is a role model for future generations in every field whether it is politics, space or startup investments. Kudos to this female fraternity that have been the fierce faces of investment so far and are continuing on their path to enlighten the path of others.

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