AI For Good Compendium- Featuring Top 25 AI Solutions for Social Good!

Innovation & the use of AI at its core is to enhance people’s lives. India is building AI solutions not only to reshape businesses globally but also to empower people leading to sustainable development. The power of Data Science & Artificial Intelligence can map poverty, deliver timely aid during natural calamities, assist with the delivery of citizen-centric services in smart cities, help achieve health coverage, improve public safety and enhance the efficiency in governance among several other advantages.

NASSCOM Centre of Excellence for Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (CoE –DSAI) initiated the “AI for Good” program to identify and unlock promising AI solutions to address some of the most common & complex problems in the public domain.

The program got an overwhelming response of 200+ submissions across categories and use cases. Amongst these, top 25 AI solutions made it to the final round, out of which 10 solutions are selected by an eminent jury team representing Government, Industry, Academia and Investment Community as TOP 10 AI FOR GOOD Impactors for their practicality, feasibility, scalability and the potential to address Indian challenges.

NASSCOM CoE-DSAI released the AI For GOOD Compendium featuring the solutions that can change a BILLION lives!

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