Indian retail: AI imperative to data-led disruptive growth

Retail industry in India is one of the top five retail markets in the world by economic value. It is expected to double by 2024 and reach US$1.4 trillion. The industry is undergoing a significant transformation as a result of changing consumer behavior, 3X growth of organized retail by 2024 and entry of multiple global players. The objective of this report is to uncover the opportunities for retail enterprises by leveraging the potential of AI, to survive and thrive in the digital era.

Report Overview

1. Transformation of Retail in India with AI adoption

  • India retail growth story and impact of COVID-19
  • Transformation opportunity with AI – COVID and beyond
  • Journey of an intelligent retail enterprise
  • AI ecosystem in retail

2. AI journey for retail enterprises

  • Retail enterprises’ challenges across value chain
  • Starting the AI journey
  • Prioritizing AI opportunities

3. Provider and retail enterprise side dynamics in retail AI ecosystem

  • Provider view of AI ecosystem
     Provider perspective: Product technology companies
     Provider perspective: Technology service providers
     Provider perspective: AI start-ups
     Retail enterprises and provider collaborations
  •  Retail enterprise: Perception of AI in retail

4. Traversing the AI maturity curve

  • Enterprise AI Adoption Maturity Model
  • Self-diagnostics tool to assess maturity
  • Strategic bold plays for enterprises

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