NASSCOM Comments on Discussion Paper on National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence #AIFORALL


The paper provides a comprehensive perspective on what can be the different dimensions for AI from an India perspective. The emphasis on the role of the government in catalyzing this shift and creating the institutional framework and building blocks will set a strong foundation for industry, startups and citizens.

AI and its potential for the technology industry is a significant priority area for NASSCOM and efforts are underway at NASSCOM in a number of segments. NASSCOM’s submission include the following dimensions.

  • Positioning: India’s National Strategy #AIforAll should focus on economic development and call out the key success metrics. This is critical for AI to permeate across all sectors in the country and support key parameters of economic and sustainability index.
  • Global Ambition: AI for India is well articulated as the strategy. However, it is equally important that we take an aggressive approach of AI for the world. Catalyzing Indian startups, large enterprise and government enabled AI solutions which create impact for India and have the potential to disrupt the world is critical. The vision of building an AI Giant from India must be part of our global ambition.
  • Key Enablers: The strategy articulates key sectors wherein AI adoption can stimulate growth and promote inclusion. Equal, if not higher focus is needed on talent development, access to data and building a regulatory framework that catalyse innovation. These are must-do imperatives for success.
  • Collaboration: The strategy document lays a great deal of emphasis of R&D in academic institutions to catalyse the R&D ecosystem in AI. It is important that collaboration is a key design principle for the National AI Strategy, and the framework includes the efforts happening in Industry to create ecosystem capabilities and solutions.
  • Design Principles: The National AI Strategy will continue to evolve and hence it is important that the key design principles of the AI Strategy are articulated. Augmenting and not replacing is a key principle that needs to be stated upfront.
  • Evangelisation and Advocacy: AI adoption and scale will require large scale evangelization and advocacy to create trust, remove misconceptions and showcase what AI means to citizens in terms of outcomes and benefits.
  • Institutional Structure: The government could consider setting up a cabinet level position to look into AI development & proliferation (like Chief of Cyber Security) supported by a centralized institution that will work with Industry, Ministries and States, Research & Academia on implementation
  • Milestones and Implementation framework: The National AI Strategy will be implemented by multiple departments, states, industries and startups. It is important that an implementation framework is defined with clear milestones.

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