Analytics Case Study Series: 4. Transport

This case deals with Real-time ETA and Seat Availability in Cluster Buses.

The Details:

Organisation: DIMTS

Client: DIMTS

Vertical: Transport

Geography: India

Category: Predictive


  • Uncertainty of bus arrival timings at bus stops
  • Difficult to find out whether buses on same route taking equal or more time to complete trips
  • No seat availability information at bus stops for next buses
  • No user-friendly interface to get arrival time and seat occupancy to plan bus travel efficiently


  • Real time ETA is based on historical data, other buses data on same route, and current bus speed
  • Linear regression equation build to predict ETA
  • Seat Availability uses live electronic ticketing machine data and time series forecasting model to predict boarding pattern of commuters


  • Live ETA Information available for 12K+ daily trips at commuters’ fingertips to make travel easy
  • Seat occupancy data helps user to know occupancy status
  • Pooch-O mobile app (Android/IOS) facilitates real- time ETA and seat occupancy status in buses
  • Improved revenue, enhanced commuter experience

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