Analytics Case Study Series: 5. Healthcare

Healthcare organisations are increasingly using analytics to consume, unlock and apply new insights from information. New methods of analytics can be used to drive clinical and operational improvements to meet business challenges. From a traditional baseline of transaction monitoring using basic reporting tools, analytics in healthcare is moving towards predictive models, dynamic fraud detection and predictive patient behaviour.

Key Areas of Application:

  • Improve clinical effectiveness and member/patient satisfaction
  • Improve operational effectiveness
  • Improve financial and administrative performance

The Case:

Organisation: HP Analytics

Client: Healthcare Org

Vertical: Healthcare

Geography: Global

Category: Descriptive


  • How to predict, prevent, and improve health outcomes resulting from human-to-human spread of diseases on real-time basis?
  • How to get richer insights into health risks, treatment options, and clinical operations?


  • Combined social media, mobility, analytics and cloud to converge data streams including electronic health records, patient location, public health data, social media and clinical knowledge.
  • The app helps to understand the current health status, review hourly and daily risk profile based on exposure of participants


  • Real-time situational awareness of potential crisis
  • Early detection can aid in advancing public health
  • Government/ NGO’s increase operational efficiency and lower costs
  • Pharmaceutical cos and hospitals can innovate

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