Bavaria’s user industries equip themselves for industry 4.0

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Cars learn how to see and steer, machines automatically order their spare parts and products are being developed in conjunction with their production environment: The fourth industrial revolution is in full swing. Bavaria’s high-tech sectors – above all the user industries – benefit from this early on which is also thanks to a closely connected research landscape.

As an industrial location, Bavaria is taking giant steps towards industry 4.0 and is gearing itself up for a higher level. IT is a key driver for more productivity and efficiency not only for high-tech industries such as the aerospace industry or mechanical engineering, but above all for user industries including the automotive sector. The focus is shifting increasingly towards technologies such as big data, cloud computing, cyber-physical systems, machine to machine communication, RFID transmitter chips and other similar areas. What’s essentially new are the possibilities that are being brought about as these solutions interact with one another. Smart factory only marks the beginning. Fully integrated environments are set to arise in the near future, for instance smart grids, smart logistics, smart mobility and of course smart products – which can also be classed as services. This is far more than just a technological revolution, our working and living environments will undergo fundamental changes.

Machines and products, and even equipment and services are learning to communicate with one another. This not only marks huge progress with regard to automation, flexibility and efficiency, but also brings with it entirely new value chains and business models. The area of M2M technologies alone bears huge potential for Bavaria in control technology, logistics, energy supply and electromobility. Thus an industrial ecosystem is possible in which the vehicle’s components, battery, charging infrastructure and parking space are cleverly connected. Regardless of the sector, the common denominator is always the most valuable resource of our time – information. The future belongs to those companies who make smart use of this resource.

Industry 4.0 incites a high degree of dynamism in all sectors, in big industrial corporations as well as among the hidden champions of small and medium sized companies or small start-ups. A lot will happen not only in the business-to-business segment but also for consumer-oriented applications – anywhere where data and technology have to be cleverly connected. Today, goods and services are produced with increasingly complex and distributed systems. It is such systems that open up new and very promising possibilities with the aim of conserving valuable resources and solving huge challenges such as energy efficiency or climate protection. In this sense, the whole society benefits from industry 4.0.

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