Big Data & Analytics Summit 2016 – Opportunity Beckons


The Summit, like all other large NASSCOM conferences brings together industry professionals under a common theme. This time it is Big Data & Analytics. It is not just a big wave, but an area of focus as well for companies, and is touted to be the key differentiator in future, between successful enterprises and the also-rans.

Big Data has transcended to a point where it is now safe to say that it is disruptive, aided by exponential growth of internet and connected devices. The quantum of growth of machine generated data at the shortest conceivable time, may best be described as explosive. Against this industry backdrop we have the 4th NASSCOM Big Data and Analytics Summit to be held on 23rd June and 24th June, 2016 has crafted the theme, “Rise of Algorithms and AI: Complexity to Competitive Advantage”.

The one massive improvement that has come about is the quality of algorithms which process, derive meaning and drive decisions. Artificial Intelligence and deep learning algorithms have advanced rapidly to enable the development of machines that can now do tasks which require deep expertise and skill – such as driving cars, diagnosing medical images, playing chess. The whole conundrum is about expanding the scope of AI and applying it to a broader range of problems.

A galaxy of internationally renowned speakers will address on: Business Transformation through AI; Unstructured Data & Natural Language Processing; Reducing the Complexity of Data for Business Use; The Human Face of Big Data & IoT; Data Complexity in Machine Learning; Customer Intelligence – the next Frontier; and, Design Thinking.   

You don’t want to miss this one.

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