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When you walk into any large conference, there is a feeling of being overwhelmed because of the flurry of activities all around. It helps, if one is able to identify beforehand which are the key sessions and plan accordingly. Conferences are also great places to establish and renew business connects after all.

This an attempt to capture some of the key knowledge dissemination sessions. Needless to say, this cannot be conclusive, but there does prevail a certain degree of familiarity. The participant base is rich and diverse, and we do appreciate that there will be varying levels of interest.

Day 1 – 23rd June (Thursday)   

You should attend the Welcome Address by the Former Chairman of NASSCOM, Mr B.V.R. Mohan Reddy. He will provide an outline on the thought process behind this event, and how the two days are structured. It’s at 2.30 PM

Big Data in the Algorithmic Age: A New Perspective on Reality by Victor Mayer- Schönberger, Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation, University of Oxford. He will get straight to the meat. Victor will dispel myths and lay before us the realities, what works, what doesn’t.

Analyst to Algorithms – Leveraging Advanced Analytics for Competitive Advantage by Guy Peri, Chief Data officer, P&G. He has been around in P&G for more than 2 decades and worked in multiple geographies and functions. Moreover he is from an FMCG behemoth, which is known to be a very heavy user of Analytics.

How Cognitive Computing can Rev Up your Enterprise – A CIO Perspective by Sri Donthi, SVP & CIO Corporate Functions, PepsiCo. VUCA prevails, but how can cognitive computing help unlock the growth and efficiencies through innovation, across value chains?

The Closing Keynote: Will Artificial Intelligence Destroy Us? Patrick Schwerdtfeger, Keynote speaker and AI expert. We all want that answered, right? A swathe of gory sci-fic movies have ensured that our fears are not completely unfounded. Or, are they?

And of course after a long day, please do join us for cocktails & dinner afterwards. 

Day 2 – 24th June (Friday)

The Opening Keynote. Liquid Human and AI Labor in the Next 20 Years by Dr. George John, Artificial Intelligence-focused Investor, Advisor, and Board Director. Will machines trump humans or vice-versa? Actually none. Humans would acquire better and more advanced skills in future. Find out how.

Use-Case Keynotes. How AI & Analytics are transforming Enterprises? Venkat Achanta, Chief Data Officer, Walmart; Harish Rao, Sr Director- Analytics and Information Management , Boeing; Andrea Tanzi, Head Information Analytics; Information Technology, Swiss Re; and Chair: Ankor Rai, Global Co-Head, EXL Analytics. These are the business leaders who’ve been there, done that!

  1. Mashup. If Algorithms Know All, How Much Should Humans Help? John Brahim, CEO Insights & Data Capgemini, will explore in which domains things might go slow, and where development will be fast and furious – he will also give pointers on how enterprises and providers can position for a fast track, rather than a dead-end street.

Panel Discussion. Analytics at the Edge – the Effects of the Internet of Things (IoT) Data Explosion. Mohak Shah, Head of Data Science, and Sr. Principal Scientist, Bosch; Asha Poulose Johnson, CIO, GE Power Services, India; Kirti Jain, Visa; and, Moderator: Shantanu Upadhyay, Principal, BCG. This panel will discuss the impact and outlook of analytics on the IoT landscape, in both B2B and B2C scenarios.

Closing Keynote. Cyborg salvation (Rumors of our [AI induced] demise have been greatly exaggerated) by Kripa Rajshekhar, Co-founder and CEO, Metonymy Labs. The intent is to spark ideas that can help companies transform operations using AI, avoiding the popular either/or frame of man Vs machine.

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