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It’s always rejuvenating to attend the Nasscom BigData & Analytics Summit in Hyderabad. This time was no different. Even as the world is wondering and worried about the explosion of the data every day and how things will get revamped for us, it ‘s business usual for us in data science world as now we are moving towards Artificial intelligence which is there from long time and now has more importance considering the explosion of the data. AI was at the core of this Nasscom summit and I think the best take away was the theme of summit itself i.e.’ Rise of Algorithms and AI: Complexity to competitive advantage”.

In Nasscom Summit we have always followed up the approach to focus on the things which are getting focused by the academicians and industry throughout the world in the area of Data Science. AI is same for this time as wherever you go everyone is focusing on AI and that is need of the hour considering many things. Summit started with a pre-conference master class on advances in machine learning and the internet of things which was very informative and it was good to see that almost everyone is seeing the same advances in the field of data science, and key challenges we see in the area of machine learning as follows:-

  • Large Scale learning.
  • Automated feature discovery- Deep learning.
  • Temporal data analysis.
  • Evaluation
  • Validation

Though the list is exhaustive but I somewhat feel that most of the things get covered if we have handled these challenges while implementing the machine learning algorithm. Please let me know what else you face as challenges while implementing the machine learning algorithm.

Next master class was around the text analytics and as we all know that these days in most of the domain we are getting unstructured data specifically in the form of text so it is very important to have eco system in place which handles, Process, analyze and predict text data. It was good to see that how natural language processing which is combination of natural language generation and understanding is getting used everywhere and also looking at the advances in the open source tools it is not making sense if you are not having text analytics in place. Text analytics is actually a fun and something we are focusing on too.

Conference started with welcome address by Former chairman Nasscom who mentioned that how things has evolved and introduced agenda with detail on few topic. As the day progressed we witnessed some good key speaker and good panel discussion. Next day was also not different however few panel discussion could have been much better making sure we had better people in panel and in the same way no one was interested in just listening the theory and common sense from the speakers. For me the biggest highlight of the day was the special intrest group created by Nasscom which is working on the way we can produce more analytics professional directly from the college, now I am part of the group and going to work towards to make India as hub of anytics professional who are well trained from college itself. The idea is that we all help in Building the Big Data & Analytics Skills Highway.

You can visit Nasscom community which has all the details from the conference and it is worth looking at the presentation and key notes from the summit. Few other key highlight for me to see that how other industries are using AI and I had good discussion with quite few leaders there and the idea for me is that we implement the learnings from other as my focus is on AI too.

I would say that if we don’t start using AI now that it will be too late as if you see it would not possible to handle, analyze, predict the big data in conventional statistical way so it is important that we get evolve and have advance machine learning algorithm in place which are powered by AI. I will write another post on AI for those who are not aware that how AI is getting used and how it can be used. However I am just giving you a short understanding here, Artificial Intelligence is not artificial intelligence when we talk about we are taking about one specific field of technology i.e. Machine Learning and to be more specific deep learning, Machine Learning is the technology it describes which is actually a program written to learn and adapt. We can put following things in Machine Learning:

  • Bayesians
  • Symbolists
  • Evolutionaries
  • Analogizers
  • Connectionists

As I said I will write another blog in more details but this should give you an idea for doing more research and learning in the filed on AI and ML. Please feel free to share your experiences & learnings in the area of AI and specifically if you have also attend the Nasscom Summit.

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