“Chatting” With Patrick Using Digital

Digital is going to change everything. “Going to” or has it already? It is even touted to minimise human intervention, but with a much greater positive impact on productivity and efficiency.

As a best practice, we often interview speakers to get their thoughts and share it with the community at large. This time we thought of breaking the traditional mould and engaging Patrick through a “Tweet Chat.” Patrick Schwerdtfeger, a leading authority on global business trends including disruptive innovation, ‘big data’ and the social media revolution, is one of our Keynote Speakers at the NASSCOM Big Data & Analytics Summit 2016. 

Needless to say it went by like a breeze, and we were able to gain some valuable insights in minimum time, expending almost next-to-nothing physical effort. It reinforces the idea that digital can get the work done more effectively, and safely discarding traditional tools and methods in process. A world increasingly clamouring for brevity, pronounced by shifting attention spans in a race to multi-task, often, 140 characters trumps long winded sentences, but gets the message across just as powerfully.     

Key Takeaways from the Tweet Chat:

  1. Big Data, IoT and AI are inseparable. IoT is an enabling technology & AI is the end result.
  2. Big Data is a digital revolution. Nothing less. A technology, which is not just advanced, but exponentially so, which imbues disruptive innovation.
  3. Autonomous driving cars will revolutionize cities in the next 7 to 10 years. It’ll be on us quicker than we think.
  4. AI and Machine Learning will replace many algorithms (millions of lines of codes). Deep reinforcement learning is the foreseen future.
  5. Thus far, our thinking has been in linear terms. Big Data is exponential. It is non-linear.
  6. It is only a matter of time. Some sooner than later, and vice-versa, that’s all. Almost every industry will be disrupted, so it is imperative to understand what would destroy your industry? Start creating that disruption yourself. Noel Tichy once wrote a book on Change Management, “Control Your Destiny or Someone Else Will.”
  7. The 3 opportunities for Big Data: security, optimization & prediction.
  8. Big Data is allowing us to better understand what humans react to, benefiting NLP practitioners in a significant way.
  9. Advice to startups: focus on super specific niches. It is no more sufficient to be a generalist, and feature among the also-rans. Find something profitable, and attempt to grow from there.
  10. Like all beginnings, the beginning of the process is always complex. Very quickly though, experience leads to simplicity. That is how real learning seeps in.

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