Collaborative Approach at Work: Analytics Cos and Large Enterprises

India boasts of a very vibrant start-up ecosystem. In sheer numbers, it is estimated ~4000. Out of which, about 10% can be said to be in analytics. Given this exceptional pool, larger enterprises are increasingly leveraging these analytics startups to enhance / build capabilities which are critical but non-core to their business. Interestingly, start-ups that are focused on areas such as speech analytics, text analytics, video analytics, social media analytics, sentimental analytics, high-end visualization, telematics, geo-spatial, sensors etc are finding favour with these firms. Also, the engagements could be in different ways, including – white labelling of the product, common go-to market strategy, direct financial investment, acqui-hire, access to know-how and domain to name a few. Some examples: Firstsource invested into Nanobi and are offering Nanobi solutions as part of its overall portfolio, similarly Wipro has invested into Opera Solutions.

In this thread, we will be giving examples of how such synergies are working out for the companies involved. If you have any such example, or are part of such collaborations, please do add to the discussion with your experiences.

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