Innovative analytics startups showcased at the Big Data Summit

Can a conference of the size and magnitude of the NASSCOM Big Data & Analytics Summit, be complete without an extensive Product Showcase? Certainly NOT!

It’s the showcase session, which provides that vital connect between global best practices and what’s truly happening at ground level. It is a huge confidence booster of sorts, to witness complex technology unfolding right in front of our eyes, and not typically shackled by the two dimensions of a power-point, accentuated by the oratory skills of the presenter and other optical paraphernalia, notwithstanding. 3-D trumps 2-D. Any day!

Let us have a brief look at these products which will be showcased, and try to capture what will hold the august audience in thrall.

Arya is an AI based research companion app built with users’ existing research data. Users can ask Arya their queries through a chat based UI. It can then be put to multiple use and address queries related to both qualitative and quantitative aspect of research papers.

Surukam Analytics

Surukam is a technology-driven startup for text analytics and natural language processing for legal, finance, education, publishing and HR domains. Automation of decision-making processes and workflows are the value adds, using Artificial Intelligence solutions.


Gesture Recognition, now a Reality

Findability Sciences

Identifies risks, predicts frauds, manages over-billing, and creates persona based predictions.


Connected Car solution


It is a business analytics and data visualization solution provider, which helps enterprises find actionable insights through business data. Its patent pending, instant analytics platform, Vizard, is designed for business users to find patterns in large datasets. It lets the users to ask questions in English, while responding with visual insights presented as interactive charts on any screen (phones, tabs and laptops). Other features include Insights anywhere, share insights with the team, self-service, and that it is hierarchically secured.


vPhrase is a data conversion tool which reads any structured data and converts that data into natural language. It claims to have a patent pending engine called PHRAZOR, which transforms raw data into natural language.


Neonlytics is a Machine Learning based SaaS platform that provides companies with insights into data from social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. It integrates human language with computer language, using Natural Language Processing services for analyzing emotion and polarity.


Visual analytics startup

Stelae Technologies

Stelae Technologies is a software vendor in the information management sector. Its product Khemeia, which is currently licensed by some of the world’s largest publishers and BPOs, which helps in extracting intelligence from unstructured business data. The company is privately funded by a network of business angels in France, UK, Switzerland and India.

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