NASSCOM – India Leadership Forum, 2017: What’s new?

nilf2017.PNGDigital Disruption is upon us. NILF, our flagship event has comprehensively addressed this aspect of our lives in the past few editions, especially in the previous three. Is it then only coincidental that we look at things differently, as the global summit approaches its 25th year? Maybe not. At NILF, and without exception, in all these years, it has been our constant endeavour to not just stay relevant, but also leapfrog ahead and critically assess the future through various angles. 

One way of addressing this disruption and we’ve been saying it for a while now, is through re-engineering. Processes, business models, leadership approaches, tech adoptions et al. 2016, will go down in history as a watershed year, simply because the world will never be the same again post the Brexit referendum, US Presidential elections and especially post demonetization. Exactly 52 weeks back, would you have “imagined” all of these events occurring in a single calendar year? Arguably not! And perhaps, it is time we tasked our grey cells to re-imagine in toto and not just settle for a re-engineering approach. This dear reader, is as the heart of our 3-day summit – Digital Inflection Point: Re-imagine don’t Re-engineer. The theme if you will.   

The Five / Five Matrix:

Surely this is not coincidental. It has been well thought through. Five large themes, and each of these have been broken down into 5 sub themes as well. For instance, the 5 large themes are: Megatrends, Technologies, Imperatives, Enablers and Risks. Furthermore, Megatrends have been dissected into: Everything as-a-Software, Exponentials take off, End of two speed world, Emerging Markets, Erosion of borders. And so it unfolds for the other four as well. Let’s save it for now though. We will talk more about these sub themes in our subsequent blogs.

Thus, we will be hitting this whole idea of “re-imagining” from 25 different angles (5 large themes * 5 sub themes of each). 25 themes, 25th year – does that ring a bell?

Needless to say, things will just get bigger. That has been the case with every edition – quite simply, we raise the bar by a few notches every year. This year, we will have Day 0, Day 1 and Day 2. Also, it is not just a change in nomenclature but an essentially different approach in our delivery mechanism. Deep Dives will be making their maiden appearance at NILF this year, and they are in the domains of: Business, Innovation, Tech Future and Industry Trends. We have an incredible line-up of international speakers who will address the Deep Dive sessions and set a strong foundation for NILF 2017.   

Our very popular Tech Café makes a re-appearance, this time with three distinct themes: Day 0 / Reimagine (the blurring line between reality and fiction through 9 great technologies), Day 1 / Interconnected (watch things talk to each other, with 8 high-end products on display), and, Day 2 / Work & Play (AI and Wearables showcased through 8 technologies). The three previous years witnessed a runaway success and created very high interest levels.

Finally, a word about the CEO Roundtables – three in number – where we have a select few leaders in conversation with economists on various macro issues which are currently impacting the industry.

Watch out for this space, as we keep updating you on what’s in store, and how those three days (15 – 17 February, Mumbai) will pan out, enriching you in process even as you get better networked.

Need we say more?     

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