Re: Building a Sustainable Analytics Talent Pipeline

Several institutions like TCS, WNS, IBM, Genpact, KPMG etc. have started programs in partnerships with Universities or Colleges/Univs on their own have started Analytics Training or Certifications. Depending on which aspects of the analytics value chain you want to be part of, you can follow the below career tracks :-

a) Analytics report/model operations >>> graduate to model design and development

b) Data Management – the Technology side of this chain

c) Front end Analytics – linkage to functional or industry areas

Some ideas to expand the pool

School Level :

– Integrate the content with Maths and Statistics in Class 9th, 10th, and offer it as a combination in 11th and 12th – Mathematics, Statistics, Analytics Basic, Computer Science

– Introduce an Analytics Club or Interest Groups at the Pre University stage – nothing beats making this fun, and having students learn at their own page

– Introduce Analytics Special Summer Camps – introduce as an elective – with limited seats – ideally as part of the holidays right after Class X

College/PG Level

– At present Analytics companies hire people with Economics/Econometrics/Stats/Maths background for Analytics jobs. I see nothing wrong with it. One cannot be unidimensional. Doing Analytics electives may be enough to supplement skill at this stage

Corporate Level / PG Level

– I think where most Colleges / Corporates fail is not teaching enough of

a) Framing the right questions / hypothesis

b) Choosing the right drivers/right variables

c) Application to business problems

I have spent several years selling and delivering analytical solutions in the context of a  consulting engagement, and for me analytics without business/industry context is like baking a sponge cake and asking the customer to make it their own, cream, chocolate or red velvet.

Happy to share more ! This is a very relevant conversation !

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