Blockchain Powered Collaboration and Integration Platform

DomaniSystems, Inc. has developed its Decentralized Collaboration and Integration Platform (DCP) to which can be used for collaboration in developing complex software functions when the development team members are organizationally and physically dispersed.
The platform allows users to create, verify, collaborate on and negotiate digital contracts. In a digital contract, the terms of the agreement between two contracting parties is directly written into lines of software codes using a programming language like C or Solidity. A digital contract is less ambiguous compared to a text based contract written using a standard software package like Microsoft Word.
The DCP platform can be accessed using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, which is a subscription based business model.
The collaboration and integration functions in DCP are based on the use of a Blockchain Network to ensure ultimate in security.
Basic functionality of the platform is available now. Future releases of the platform are now under development and you can become a part of this exciting journey. We invite you to become a member of the early adopter community and try out this platform as it evolves. Your feedback will shape the functions and features as well as the development plan.
Together we will create a platform which will meet your requirements.
All the tools you will need to become a part of the DomaniSystems DCP platform development community is on our new Website:
We encourage open discussion on Smart Contracts, Blockchain, Security and IoT for mutual benefit and enhancement of knowledge and understanding.  You can start your discussion or questions here.  You can also contact us directly; all the information is on our Website.

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