Nasscom Blockchain SIG’s Blockchain Tech Bootcamp- Post event Roundup


Nasscom Blockchain SIG’s Blockchain Tech Bootcamp had over 150 participants in attendance. The event began with a welcome address by Mr. Gulati of Hartron who briefed everyone about Hartron and the Innovation Campus it hosts within the campus in association with Nasscom and Nasscom’s 10K Startups program. Rajesh Dhuddu, Nasscom Blockchain SIG Chair presented the evolution of Blockchain covering Cypherpunk and Crytoanarchy movement, contribution by Tim C May and Wei Dai through his Bmoney protocol. He explained how Satoshi Nakamoto assembled all these along with Adam Back’s Proof of Work concept and proposed Bitcoin and underlying protocol in his whitepaper. Rajesh also covered SHA 256 algorithm, hashes, blocks, nonce and merkle tree.


This was followed by practical demo session by Jaffer Co Founder of Karachain a new Blockchain protocol under development. Jaffer led all 150 participants to set up 2 geth nodes, create wallets, issue ERC 20 coins, transacting with private ethers, deploying smart contract. This was followed by a presentation on creating Dapps (Decentralized Applications) and coding to create a voting system was demonstrated. All the participants were enthused in understanding P2P computing and delighted to have obtained an opportunity to code Blockchain and develop applications for the first time. 

It is needless to say that this was probably the First time in India and possibly the world to have over 150 participants get their hands adept (ofcourse not dirty) on Blockchain development simultaneously. Watch out for more such interesting initiatives from Nasscom Blockchain SIG.

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