HR Tech: Casting Conventions

Welcoming the evolution of technology, the movie “Terminator” introduced to us the AI of the future, it made us believe that such machines can really exist. Technology has engulfed everything and anything that a person can think of, if you think of smooth Customer service their comes Chabot’s, if you are concerned about services including servers, storage, database, analytics, software there is cloud computing, if recruiting seems difficult for you, you can make full use of social media recruiting.

Through the Worldwide evolution of technology, the entire organizational structure and responsibilities are changing for the better. For this betterment, requisite department of an organization: HR cannot dawdle. Thus many HR experts consider 2012 as the mark of generational shift in technology for which credit is given to SMAC- Social, mobile, analytics and cloud.

How HR can include technology in their functioning?

Moving forward from the outmoded documentation towards using apps, the software is the new vogue at the workplace. HR is making innovative use of the technology for:-

  • Employer branding: using various social media platforms like youtube, facebook, Instagram to promote the company for attracting the best talent around the world.
  • Recruiting: HR is leaving behind the traditional way of recruiting employees and adopting new, easy and widely used social media platforms for searching the best organizational and job fit people for the company. A survey by LinkedIn conducted in 2018 revealed that AI can support HR in the recruitment process in various ways:-
  • Sourcing candidates
  • Screening candidates
  • Nurturing candidates
  • Training: one particular area where VR(virtual reality) can be put in place is for sexual harassment training. HR can program an environment where an employee gets an understanding of how to deal with such situations and take preventive measures. And can make employees aware of the actions that can be taken by them if they encounter such things happening around them.
  • Employee experience:Employee Experience Platform (EXP) – seeks to make work easier and more productive by simplifying the chaos and bringing everything together in one user-friendly system.


Taking the example of Infeedo’s chatbot named Amber:-

  • Amber is currently influencing the lives of 70,000+ employees.
  • It’s the product of rigorous work of Tanmaya Jain CEO and founder of Infeedo
  • Amber is an AI Bot that engages in conversation with employees regularly and based on that interaction it tells the happiness level of the employee, it tells who is unhappy and who is most likely to leave with the exact reason and why.
  • From the 1st day of joining until their last day, there are a set of questions that Amber shares with every employee. Infeedo’s in-house psychometric psychologists and HR leaders recommend the questions to be included in the chatbot.


For these technological advances will drove HR to the next level. HR tech is not the future but rather it is the present of the corporate world. Now Question is whether organizations and HRs are ready to mould themselves in this AI world? For them to do so, they’ll need to adopt the changes taking place and then moving forward, using these technologies innovatively.


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