ARC’s 14th India Forum Focuses on Innovation in Industry – Brief of Keynote Speeches

By Sharada Prahladrao

ARC Advisory Group hosted its 14th India Forum for the process and discrete industries on July 7-8, 2016 in Bangalore. Mr. Ganapathiraman (Country Manager India, ARC Advisory Group) introduced the theme of the Forum – “Industry
in Transition: Navigating the New Age of Innovation”. This two-day forum attracted close to 270 delegates who came to learn and share information about the innovative technologies that are dramatically altering today’s industrial

New technologies, such as cloud computing, mobility, social technologies, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Big Data/analytics, and digitalization have taken center stage; and most of the presentations at the Forum emphasized these topics. To achieve the multiple objectives of speed, accuracy, quality, safety, competitiveness, and sustainability organizations must communicate, collaborate, and connect. Like all ARC forums, this latest ARC India Forum provided an excellent platform for end users, solution providers, and decision makers to network and gain a better understanding of how
innovative new technologies affect market dynamics.

In this blog we will focus on the excerpts of first three keynote speeches made by Andy Chatha (President & CEO, ARC Advisory Group), B.R. Mehta (Senior Vice President, Reliance Industries Ltd.) and Achyuta Ghosh (Head of Research

Keynote Presentations

In his video presentation, Andy Chatha, highlighted how digital transformation is gaining momentum across all industries and how innovative companies are disrupting the status quo. He said that today’s proprietary systems are ripe for next-gen digital transformation as process plant assets are usually more than 35 years old and thus prone to failures and
incidents. Process plants also tend to be:

  • Too complex to operate by new workforce
  • Expensive to maintain
  • Susceptible to cyber-attacks
  • Not easy to upgrade

New, smart machines are getting better every day and smart machines need open systems to work together, said Mr. Chatha. Further, he explained how ARC’s Collaborative Process Automation System (CPAS) model connects all operational
layers and processes.

The second keynote, presented by B.R. Mehta, explained that Reliance believes in innovation-led growth. Speaking about the current industrial constraints and the challenges, Mr. Mehta highlighted technologies that will revolutionize industries in India by 2025. To mention a few: IoT (Internet of Things), digitalization, cloud, and renewable energy sources and storage. Increased connectivity is pushing convergence between industries, products, and technologies; resulting in connected, “living” ecosystems. These new technologies enable business optimization by providing visibility, transparency, accountability, agility, and sustainability. The future plant will be smart and green.

Achyuta Ghosh, spoke about the innovation imperative in the context of the India growth story. NASSCOM, the premier trade body and chamber of commerce for India’s IT-BPM (information technology-business process management) firms,
has over 2,500 members. He said that customers are increasingly outsourcing critical business operations to India, demonstrating the increasing trust in India’s IT industry to deliver. Going forward, this trend is likely to continue. According to Mr. Ghosh, start-ups are boosting India’s next wave of technological growth. Additionally, five forces are changing the world:

• Rise of emerging markets

• Ageing population globally

• Disruptive technologies

• Increasingly integrated world; and

• Return of geo-politics

According to Mr. Ghosh, disruptive technologies will reformulate technology requirements, creating a paradigm shift and providing the opportunity to innovate and build linkages aligned with the client’s long-term transformation and digital business objectives. 

As highlighted at the recently concluded India Forum, in a collaborative world nothing, and no one can operate in isolation; it is about global integration at all levels – operations, processes, and expertise.

About ARC Advisory Group ( Founded in 1986, ARC Advisory Group is a Boston based leading technology research and advisory firm for industry and infrastructure.

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