How IoT is changing grocery retail?

Warehouse robots communicating over 4G

This new network is based on the same underlying technology that connects your 4G mobile phone to the internet but operates in a different spectrum that allows thousands of machines to talk to each other at the same time. Each robot integrates a radio chip that connects to a base station capable of handling over 1,000 requests at a time. A typical grocery warehouse can thus use up to 20 base stations to create a small army of connected robots on a mission to ensure that your delivery gets picked in a record time of less than five minutes.

Equipping delivery vans with IoT sensors

Having a fleet of connected vehicles that is constantly exploring every corner of the city enables us to gather lots of useful mapping information, including potential traffic jams and road closures.

You can read the full article here. It’s by Ocado Technology that is changing the way retail uses IoT. Are there any Indian examples we should know about?

Warehouse robots communicating over 4G

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