IIoT Case Studies Showcased at ARC’s Fourteenth India Forum – Part 1

By Naresh Surepelly​

ARC Advisory Group is a strong proponent of IIoT technologies. The recently concluded Industry Forum titled Industry in Transition: Navigating the New Age of Innovation showcased many case studies and implementations of IIoT in India.

In this blog we will focus on the case studies presented by Chandrashekhar Bharathi, Managing Director, AceMicromatic, Chethan K, Group Quality Director & Manufacturing Excellence Champion, and Praful Kushwaha, Manager – IT Services, Bharat Forge, and automation trends and India specific challenges presented by P.V. Sivaram, Vice President, AIA (Automation Industry Association) and Managing Director, B&R Automation

Case Studies:

Chandrashekhar Bharathi’s presentation was on driving mass adoption of IIoT and Industrie 4.0. AceMicromatic specializes in CNC machines, automation products, and software (manufacturing intelligence, IIoT), and provides sales and services in 40 countries globally. He spoke about the company and its product, TPM-Trak, which “connects the shop floor to the
top floor in real time.” He provided a conceptual map, showing how the product adds value at all levels. Valuable data from production shops are taken and analyzed to know the machine hour rate.  Mr. Bharathi spoke about another innovative product, MachineConnect, a complete ecosystem that can provide benefits to end users, manufacturers, and service
providers. MachineConnect helped in automating processes in such a way that the system provides an hourly run chart, that is domain specific and data is harnessed without any manual intervention.  Some other benefits include: alarm management,
predictive and preventive maintenance on complex machine and increase in machine performance.

In their joint presentation, Chethan K, and Praful Kushwaha, provided a company overview, followed by a case history presentation on the integration of manufacturing excellence with Industrie 4.0 on a press line where Industrie 4.0
was deployed to provide bidirectional flow of information; visualization; and digitalization of material flow and services. As we learned, the accrued benefits include:

• Eliminates manual data entry

•Increases data entry and availability

•Predictive and retrospective analysis

•Real-time equipment and process monitoring improves response time

Automation in the View of India in Transition

P.V. Sivaram, provided an overview of the AIA’s organizational structure and objectives. AIA membership includes 40 high-tech automation companies, representing technologies across the full spectrum of industrial automation. He said that India’s economy is in a state of transition and as the foreign direct investment (FDI) route is liberalized, global attention will increase expectations. Hence, it is necessary to build value for customers by being cost conscious and innovative.

During his speech he shared an example of a Mumbai-based capsule manufacturing company that leveraged automation at different production levels phase by phase. Replacing 40 mechanical couplings with electronically geared servo axis resulted in the machine becoming twice as fast, which in turn led to a substantial increase in the capsule production with less energy, noise, and time. 

Skill building is an important initiative of AIA and in order to address this AIA has developed a hub and spoke model of mother center and a community center to create a competitive talent pool large enough to meet the changing requirements of modern manufacturing industries. Sivaram opined innovation comes by inter-disciplinary integration and shared some examples to achieve it. ARC’s India Forum, provides a platform for end users to share their successes with those still behind on the maturity curve of adopting new technologies. It encourages organizations to adopt new technologies that are connecting the world. The case studies provided have a direct view into operational efficiency, new products, innovations, and how they have collaboratively transformed the global business landscape.

About ARC Advisory Group ( Founded in 1986, ARC Advisory Group is a Boston based leading technology research and advisory firm for industry and infrastructure.

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