IoT Geeks – 2016 Year in Review

January 31, 2016 – We kicked-off 2016 with our first meetup at IITM Research Park. This meetup we’ve talked about #IoT and #3D Printing. Building Raspberry Pi powered tablet from the scratch – how to Convert ones idea into product. It was a great keynote session from Karan Nayan. I also talked about building a fablab for IoT Geeks and supporting makers movement through an active community of practice. As usual it was great meetup to kick-off the year.

March 20, 2016 – It was the second meetup for 2016 year and I Invited  Karan Nayan to give a keynote on Things to know before building your hardware Startup This session was more valuable to participants. Everyone got an idea about building a hardware startup. Karan also did a live demo of Raspberry Pi controlled strandbeest robot and it was so cool to see that robot walking. We thought of starting an ad-hoc hands-on part of this meetup but we were running out time and moved our agenda to next workshop as big one.

June 04, 2016 – 3rd meetup and two days hands-on workshop with Raspberry Pi. It was very big than ever hosted. 150+ participants including students, working professionals and startup guys were involved in hands-on learning about Internet of things.  Muhammed Ilyas did a keynote on #InternetofThings. Invited  Nayan Mujadiya to host two days workshop from Bangalore and he did it fantastic with IoT Geeks core team help.

June 11, 2016 #IoTGeeks community always belives in building a great Eco System for makerspace in chennai. Part of that vision we started collaborating with like minded people around. We invited Rent & Make startup to host their first makerspace workshop with Arduino Powerd CNC hands-on event at IITM Research Park

July 17, 2016 – #IoTGeeks 5th meetup and 3rd hands-on #IoT workshop at Thoughtworks. Magesh lead the floor and did a great job conducting day workshop with ESP8266+NodeMCU. Core team members and volunteers supported to make it successful. Another big workshop from IoT Geeks community.

September 18, 2016 – #IoTGeeks 6th meetup in a row and 4th hands-on IoT workshop. This on was great reach and we invited industry recognized Pros and speakers Balaji Viswanathan  Dorai ThodlaRavishankar Palaniappan run a awesome keynote on MakerSpace, IoT startup with their great experience.

Magesh and core team worked hard to make this robot building workshop great and successful. People learned to build and program the robots. Participants teams did a demo of line follower robot. It was a great milestone for IoT Geeks this year on making stuff.

November 26, 2016 – Invited Nayan one more time this year to conduct two days workshop. This workshop focused on RaspberryPi + SenseHat hans-on. It was great to hear from participants about the experience. Abirami and Sambath helped Rs.10,000 donation for IoT Geeks community during this month – that was great support to keep our community active.

November 27, 2016 – This is last workshop from #IoTGeeks for this year. Again the floor filled with 100+ participants. Satish Ramachandran was giving a great overview about autonomous and its landscape. Artificial Intelligence etc. This workshop focused on RaspberryPi + IoT Platform integrations like IBM Watson. Nayan & Core team did a fantastic Job one more time and made this final workshop great. Participants learned how to use IoT Boards, Sensors and Cloud platform to build end-to-end IoT Prototype.

Wait, one more things to quote. We have built a fantastic Makerspace Lab for #IoTGeeks community. Now its filled with all #IoT and #Makerspace hardware. Almost you will able to find every boards, sensors, going beyond we do have a 4 3D Printers, Drone and we are adding more coming year. We want to keep technology accessible for everyone! You will hear more from us through next year goals. Till then stay tuned and provide your great support.

Stay Tuned and more coming!

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