IoT Geeks – Internet of Things workshop highlights (26 Nov 2016)

IoT Geeks skipped October month workshop and we planned two workshops for November month. One on 26 November at IITM Research Park – more of funding raising event but we still kept the ticket price way minimum for everyone’s accessibility. Another one on 27 November, usual monthly workshop at ThoughtWorks. Workshop content tailored around Raspberry Pi, SenseHat and IBM Watson IoT Platform. I’ve invited Nayan from Bangalore to host both days workshops.

2:15 PM – It was Saturday afternoon, The organizing team (Sathiya, Sampath, Sambath, Sambhav, Abirami and Gowtham) started from IoT Geeks Lab to IITM Research Park in Gowtham’s car. This time I welcomed Abiramai to be part of the core team members. She dont have any idea about IoT but still asked her to mingle with core team and visit the lab see things around to get a exposure. My interest is always empowering women in Technology and develop Technology leaders for the future.

2:45 PM – Nayan is also an organizer of Swift Chennai Meetup and he hosted his first event morning at PayPal office in OMR. Afternoon he commuted to IITM Research to host IoT Geeks workshops with Raspberry Pi + Sense Hat.

3:00 PM – The workshop kicked-off around 3:00 pm and organizing team helped to set up the Pis for the participant. This time we used PIXEL (desktop environment) ( ). There were 22 participants actively engaged on IoT Hands-on. Participants go paperless since we share the workshop notes from Evernote – thats a cool hack. Sense HAT ( ) is really nice HAT for raspberry Pi. This was used in Astro Pi projects (

Nayan started with Intro to Pi – which includes 1) How to install OS 2) What is GPIO 3) Hello World of Hardware – LED blinking and later he started Sense HAT which was our main hands-on for this workshop.

The Sense HAT has an 8×8 RGB LED matrix, a five-button joystick and includes the following sensors:

Gyroscope | Accelerometer | Magnetometer | Temperature | Barometric pressure | Humidity

There were 2 physical Sense HAT and the Participants used Raspberry Pi: the Sense HAT emulator! from to get feel of Sense HAT. Once participant were happy with emulator we gave them actual Sense HAT to do hands-on. Overall Raspbeery + Sense HAT workshop was really nice & useful for participant and everyone gave a feedback about it. The workshop ended session at 6:00 pm and The organizing team back to Lab to get ready for next day workshop.

My special thanks! the organizing team. Sathiyaraj, Sureshkumar, Sambath D , Sampath K, Sambhav and Karan were great help organizing things and making this workshop successful.

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